Rivian amps up adventure with mile all-electric pickup truck. Mtron milestones in SSD market history. How come there are so many different and contradictory reliability claims? And that was a sign that users in the 2. Coyote or Road Runner?

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Largest ever continuous oil and gas resource found in the United States. Spectacles of the past showcased by the best historic photography of Cutting mtro concepts, revamped legends and standout cars of the Mtroh Auto Show. You might like what you see with these SSD benchmarks and decide you want one, but availability continues to be a hardship of the SSD — many are not yet available through public distribution at reasonable prices.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. This directory page tells you who they are and explains why – as the enterprise market switched to mainly flash SSDs – the need for RAM SSDs still grew instead of shrinking although flash grew much faster. Log in Don’t have an account? While speed is a very important advantage to these new SSD devices, one thing I was not able to test properly was the shock resistance qualities and longevity of these drives.

Benchmark Program Results I have relied on several programs for my benchmark tests. Les Tokar October 30, Leave a comment.

Most hard drives are in excess of 10ms, as shown in the Recent advances in SSD technology are overcoming the problems of low memory capacity and high prices associated with earlier Flash memory products. This speed is the time in which a piece of information is found on a sector of a drive, pulled up and read. And that was a sign that users in the 2. Let me provide a basic explanation of exactly what needs to be known for interpretation of these scores above. Top 10 most innovative cycling products of I initially believed the speed advantage of SSD over an HD would be the key factor in its adoption, but was surprised to learn that the lack of moving parts and ability of the SSD to withstand drastic weather changes and extremely turbulent conditions were more important for the earliest adopters.


However, it was their promise of an SSD product with a proprietary controller chipset that would allow it to run with the Raptors that really piqued our interest.

MTRON 32GB SSD: Better in a Notebook?

The key is that SSD is making a fast entrance and mgron is quickly improving on top of what was already excellent performance. In my business “waiting” means I either have to spend money to replace the hardware or leave my customers high and dry.

The reason for this is because the hard drive has to wait for the disk to spin and information to become available whereas with NAND flash, it is available almost instantly.

Mtron milestones in SSD market history. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

It is the rate at which information is pulled from the drive to be read and start a program or provide information for a program. Our first thoughts had us concluding this was another case of marketing hype not meeting up with actual product results so we tried some additional benchmarks. How come there are so many different and contradictory reliability claims?



Mtron’s highest rank in those days was 2 – just below Memoright. In fact, the company was founded less than two years ago in South Korea. Coyote or Road Runner? Mtron has previously launched 2. We have seen some of these SSD products hyped since CES and yet the drives are just now shipping in any type of volume, and our review samples have only just started arriving.

They have been on the fast track since with major funding being provided by Hyundai IT Ltd. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website.


In considering the burst speed, one should keep in mind that this reflects the reading of only a small amount of information over a very short period of time. They have steered clear of mechanical drive designs and instead have focused their efforts entirely on Solid State Drives SSD. SSD Myths – “write endurance” – In theory the problems are now well understood – but solving them presents a challenge for each new chip generation.

Mtron advertised here on the mouse site for 15 months and were so successful at attracting oem partners and industry recognition that they didn’t need to do any more for a long while.