To use SLI, a small circuit board between the two graphics card slots need to be flipped – an awkward task. The MSI X38 Diamond is arriving next month will have tons of features in its flagship product, including a revised liquid Circu-Pipe heatpipe arrangement. Socket M Computer Motherboard for Intel. Just make sure you’re careful with what you’re doing! Good Board A well-made board.

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The MSI Dual CoreCell software allows you to monitor patinum adjust not just the motherboard clock speed and voltages, but also the videocard as long as you’re running a compatible MSI videocard. We had no issues setting up this board and the drivers for all the components installed without fault.

Would you buy this? Gaming on a budget? I can’t understand why MSI didn’t find time to add a power-on switch as well, as you can see, it won’t take much space. This is not that useful for the hardcore overclocker, but nice to have for users who don’t understand the BIOS.

Handles enough memory at mhz, and your SLI video and whoopie, decent gamesmanship. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Do these ingredients create a better board than the Platinum?

If you choose to overclock your board using this tool, then attaching the supplied fan to disperse the heat from the chipset’s heat sink is a good idea. Of course you can boot from any SATA port so the numbering doesn’t matter at all.

The panel-connectors are colour-coded and labelled. Coupled with the wide range of connectivity features and clean layout, we think this board is a good choice if you’re in the market for a well-performing Intel-based motherboard and don’t need the absolute fastest SLI gaming performance. This is nothing fancy like 5-phase digital or 6- 8- or even phase we’ve seen so far. Save on Motherboards Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.


MSI P6N SLI Platinum PCSTATS Review – The nVidia nForce i SLI chipset

MSI doesn’t provide SATA-cables with fixing mechanism, so p6 may be possible the cables get loose during installation of a new graphic card or during transportation. Socket P Computer Motherboard for Intel. The MSI X38 Diamond is arriving next month will have tons of features in its flagship product, including a revised liquid Circu-Pipe heatpipe arrangement.

This Holiday Season, protect yourself and your loved ones with the best. With support for a front side bus speed up to MHz, this board may also be able to accommodate the new CPUs that Intel will be releasing later this year.

msi p6n sli platinum Audio problem

The Core 2 Quad processors and Vista Premium are the basic functions of this motherboard. Good Board A well-made board. Extra cooling is definitely recommended if you plan on adjusting voltages of your videocard and or CPU, motherboard and memory.

These days virtually every manufacturer supports dynamic overclocking, fan speed control, voltage adjustments along with a spiffy software interface.

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MSI P6N SLI Platinum, LGA775 Socket, Intel (MS-7350-005) Motherboard

Instead of putting the two sticks of memory in the same coloured slots like you would elsewhere, you now put one stick in green and one in orange, keeping the alternation. Why change a formula that works? It allows users to control their systems and realistically with nTune, there is no longer a need to go into the BIOS to adjust settings, now you can do everything within WindowsXP or Vista!


Due the increased usage, there is a possibility that the price premium compared to conventional motherboards will decrease in the near future. I’ve had this board in service for? If you want to build a lasting machine for gaming or high-end video and graphics work, then this board will provide a good base. These are available here on eBay, just plain cheap for the performance. T feature to overclock the system by 10 percent showed a speed improvement of five seconds in the MP3 encoding test, but the system wasn’t stable at this setting and froze regularly.

Soi course, it is up to the individual motherboard maker to decide how and which of these features are actually implemented. Unfortunately image quality and sound improvements are quite subjective and difficult to test but we can definitely vouch for Dual CoreCell’s ability to keep noise at slj minimum and overclock the system.