Through preliminary tests we were able to ascertain that SETI is extremely sensitive to memory bandwidth. DDR theoretically offer 2. The major difference being the support for a DDR memory bus. MSI, historically, have not paid too much attention to the overclocking community. It seems as if Via are waiting for AMD to make the first move and then follow with a compliant chipset.

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Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The board is essentially jumper-free with only the ubiquitous clear CMOS jumper making an appearance behind the third fan header. What was the best tech product of ?

MSI KT3 Ultra2 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT Overview – CNET

We see the standard 5 PCI slots bit, 33Mhz along mssi a rather redundant CNR slot, we’d wish motherboard manufacturers would dispense with these. Starting at the top and working our way down, we see the ATX power connector is located at the at the top left of the board.

We’d hazard a guess that the motherboard platform is irrelevant for this test. Here’s a quick rundown of our test system and benchmarks used.

We’ll next turn our attention to another number-crunching activity. RAID 0 simply amalgamates 2 drives so that they work as a single larger drive. The silver North bridge fan adds an element of class to the package. We overclocked the processor, ran different modules of RAM, used the most aggressive memory timings available. Naturally, having data stored over two drives means less latency but also more risk. Let’s have a look at the results.


Enough of the theoretical talk, let’s turn our attention to one of the first full-production motherboards to boast the new KT insignia. We ran the benchmark at Fastest and xx32 Quality.

MSI KT3 Ultra2, Socket A, AMD (KT3ULTRA2BULK) Motherboard | eBay

The close-knit performance from various motherboard manufacturers highlighted the maturity of the chipset, rarely did we see a poor msj.

The MSI’s better memory optimisations at FSB put it ahead of the Asus by just over a second, we had expected to see such a result after seeing the results of the non-enhanced memory benchmark.

We’d hoped the KT chipset would have support for this.

kt33 This, in our opinion, is a strange location. A small capacitor flanks the AGP port. One pleasant suprise for us is the estimated price.

There was talk mwi incorporating USB 2. Thankfully, we have more than enough room around the CPU socket to mount large coolers. A new addition to our benchmarking-suite is Pifast. Whilst slightly improving on an already excellent chipset, we feel as if Via’s efforts were not totally convincing. The Lobby tests are known to be especially bandwidth-hungry, a fact that is borne out by our results.


MSI KT3 Ultra2, Socket A, AMD (MS-6380E) Motherboard

Naturally, this is a sample of one, your mileage may vary. The impressive overclocking options coupled with our new XP processor from AMD ensured that we would be furnished with a reasonable overclock.

DVD encoding is another activity that thrives on memory mxi.

Still, with a total of eight USB ports, we’re sure you wouldn’t miss one. On-board audio is handled jsi the rather capable Realtek AL chipset. The chipset is capable of 5. As part of our stability testing, we ran SETI. The weight of the unopened box is enough to inform you of that. Instead you have to use the plus and minus keys to scroll through a list of FSB settings from – MHz, which is a tad irritating.