This only fires when –linear-scaling is in effect. Useful if you want to have certain connections established automatically. It will be negative on error. This can lead to more fluid playback, but uses more memory. This is used for the video window, and if possible, also sets the audio stream title.

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This does not affect the normal screensaver operation in any way.

In IE8 for instance and object is created: When changing files, current and playing can be different, because the currently playing file hasn’t been unloaded yet; in this case, current refers to the new selection. Drops are indicated in the terminal status line as Dropped: Use is discouraged, because the metadata key string could conflict with other sub-properties.

It is enabled exclusively, so that bindings in the default sections are ignored.

The filter graph string is quoted with [ and ]. If a subtitle with the same filename was already added, that one is selected, instead of loading a duplicate entry. Although it should have the same effects as audiothe implementation is very different.

Embedding the Player Control in a Web Page Displayed by Firefox

This uses the same names as used in other places of mpv. Too high of a value will cause noticeable skips at high scale amounts and an echo at low scale amounts. There is a danger of this viedo significant CPU usage, depending on the properties used. May occur multiple times within a metadata block, up to a predetermined limit.


mplayer(1) — mplayer2 — Debian stretch — Debian Manpages

Sometimes it can be different. Exact values subject to change.

Mplater2 mode will cause severe audio artifacts if the real monitor refresh rate is too different from the reported or forced rate. Always use this with the no-waveheader option – with waveheader it’s broken, because it will write a WAVE header every time the file is opened.

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Likewise, it could happen that your mplwyer2 gets reason strings that did not exist yet at the time your script was written. Useful to remove black bands from widescreen videos.

SMPlayer Support Forum

This is not different from the MPlayer slave protocol. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

See my own answer, got it working! It does not rely on a key exchange with the DVD drive, but rather uses a crypto attack to guess the title key. Cross-platform free software Free media players Free video software Linux media players Lua-scriptable software Software that uses FFmpeg.

This is good if you want things like softsubbed ASS signs to match the video colors, but may cause SRT subtitles or similar to look slightly off. Other valid values include vol, pcm, line.


SMPlayer Support Forum • View topic – mplayer2 + smplayer = no video.

Pressing once will pause, every consecutive press will play mplayr2 frame in reverse and then go into pause mode again. This means that you will normally get gapless audio with files that were encoded using the same settings, but might not be gapless in other cases. Display sync mode will make this useful. Observe that if media containing two channels were played back, channels 2 and 3 would contain silence but 0 and 1 would still be swapped. This is the default. The first value shows the amount of video buffered in the demuxer in seconds, the second value shows additional data buffered in the stream cache in kilobytes.

Once the hook is registered, it cannot be unregistered.

Note that if you set the –opengl-fbo-format option to a non-default value, a format with alpha must be specified, or this won’t work. Styling and interpretation of any formatting tags is disabled for the secondary subtitle.

To produce this character inside recursive expansion.