My pal generously offered to record the album onto a cassette tape for me, as was the custom at the time, since we were all perennially broke teenagers — if one of us bought an album, we’d make copies for the rest of our gang; then the next time another member of the group would make an album purchase and spread it around to the rest. Think of GWAR but not as outrageous or technically talented. Once you start it’s like a drug I know it’ll drive you insane It’ll knock you down and fill you up drilling holes right into your brain! Thanks to The Exalted Piledriver himself, who provided some clarifications about the band’s history via Facebook!! My headbanger friends and I always discussed the past weekend’s Metal Mania show at school on Monday morning Glad you enjoyed it, francis5k! Sickness filled the land, survivors had no rest Perils to endure, dangers worse than death Trying to rebuild your world of blood and sweat Visions filled your minds that you would not forget Aliens raped the world!

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Piledriver – Metal Inquisition

TorontoOntarioCanada. These metall early recordings have globally sold nearlycopies to date. We had a radio station out of Richmond, VA that played metal on Thursday nights at midnight, though.

No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. Alien Rape Spoken It was in the third cycle of earth when the invasion began A titanic force of ships filled the heavens and rushed upon the earth at Unimaginable speed bitter shrieks filled the whole sky, shook it, and tore it Open, letting in all the stench of hell the creatures were from another world A tribe of nightmares of all shapes and bizarre deformities They were a twisted, hunched mockery of the human form these backward, Violent beings all hungered to cut into the flesh of humans their lust For death was overpowering and their hands ached to kill and molest they Travelled by the thousands through the galaxy in search of planets that Would give them pleasure Planets You did not vote yet.


For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: However, some years later, Kirchin revealed that the band and albums were just a metsl project and that the band never inquusition existed at all, with all the names and virtually everything else about the band being made up.

Piledriver – Metal Inquisition. Forgotten Hard Rock Albums: I also learned that one of my favorite tracks, known as “Alien Raid ” on my copy, was actually titled “Alien Rape,” according to the Canadian pressing. Sadly, the first two Piledriver albums have been out of print for many years. Comments are not for promoting pilediver articles or other sites.

The band soon disappeared. Most interestingly, the two tracks on Metal Inquisition that were balked at by the US distros weren’t actually mere Convict leftovers.

Your eyes will burn, your brain explodes get ready for some metal rock! Naked, twisting, bodies sweating You can’t escape his hunger, screams like thunder Prince of Darkness, Prince of Evil Spread your legs and scream, no this is not a dream! It’s crawling through my veins, and through my hair It’s trying to kill me slowly with lots of pain It’s trying to destroy me, it’s in my brain! Accessed May 6, Piledriver stuck around for one more album, ‘s Stay Uglyand then they seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, leaving only the stench of brimstone behind them.


Thanks again for the excellent exposition, Keith! This version of the CD seemed to be mastered from a cassette tape. I remember seeing this album at the record store back in ’85, the cover was SO stupid that it turned me off even then. There is a very complicated but interesting back-story to this album, so go to this link to read all about it. I just want to rule your mind Thanks for stopping by, Shawn. Glad you dug it Georgie Also, you mentioned the PMRC hearings!

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May your body and soul burn piledriiver hell and may the devil himself crawl from the bowels of hell to claim you as his humble servant If memory serves, he recorded the soundtrack to “This is Spinal Tap” on the flip side of that tape. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data.

The album, entitled Metal Manifestowas released in Hi Skipp – very cool, I found Piledriver’s FB insuisition recently and it looks like the inquisitiln is playing some Euro metal festivals this summer. I was hip to all of of these bands at the time, as well as Overkill, Metal Church, Mercyful Fate, and countless others, but one fateful night “Metal Mania” played a track by a mysterious new band called Piledriver.