Before configuring your WLAN software, you should ensure that the wireless NIC card doesn’t have an interrupt that clashes with another device in your computer. My very first Linux web server was an ancient desktop computer that I bought from a secondhand store that advertised it as being “very obsolete. Look for “unknown device” or “no such device” errors in your log files or on your screen during installation or configuration. Permanent wireless-tools Configuration After testing your ad-hoc configuration, you will need to make the changes permanent. If you are using a You can check both the interrupts and base memory of your NIC cards by using the ifconfig -a command:.

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Shutdown your system, install your NIC and reboot. Activation of this feature can be inconvenient to users as wireless clients will need to know the predefined ESSID to gain LAN access, but it more importantly reduces the risk of an outsider connecting to your wireless LAN by roaming the airwaves for an available WAP.

In addition to using the regular ifconfig command to check the status of your NIC, you can use the iwconfig command to view the state of your wireless network, just don’t specify any parameters. I tried reading some suse doc and opened the terminal again and typed. A flaw in the encryption scheme was soon discovered and freely available tools like “WEP crack” and aircrack-ng became available to decipher WEP encryption keys within minutes.


The system will now load your new kernel which you can verify with the uname command. The dmesg command will give status messages for the loading of both your NIC driver and the ndiswrapper module.

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WEP encryption requires an encryption key that you can make up lijux or you can generate a random one using the dd command as shown here. Your NIC should now become fully functional.

Having a problem logging in? Each wireless network needs to be assigned an ESSID that doesn’t match that of any neighboring networks within its range of operation. The solution to this is to remember to always run the make distclean command before any of the other installation related make commands.

The wireless users then have to use some form of a VPN client to gain access to the office servers just as if they were doing so from home. For that, you need a WAP on your network. The first step is to install the kernel source files.

Common Wireless Networking Terms Learning the ins and outs of wireless Linux networks will be easier if we’re all speaking the same language. If you installed a new version of the kernel and your system fails to reboot correctly, refer to the “Kernel Crash Recovery” section of Chapter 33, ” Modifying the Kernel to Improve Performance ” for help. My very first Linux web server was an ancient desktop computer that I bought from a secondhand store that advertised it as being “very obsolete.


Red Hat does not plan to release another product in the red hat linux line You will always need to have a ndiswrapper compatible kernel for the application to function correctly. Routing, network cards, OSI, etc. If you are using a There are a number of common errors that can occur with the use of ndiswrappers.

MA311 – 11 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter

How do I fix it? Visiting managers may need a quick connection in a conference room; sales people sharing cubicles my need it as the number of work spaces get exhausted. My current configuration for Netgear Prism 2. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Some types of network architectures make the wireless router only have access to the Internet, and no where else, via its own dedicated DSL line. View LQ Wiki Contributions. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

However, when i tried to make ljnux, it couldn’t find make either. This is done transparently to the user. The connector device I cannot find however! Apologies if it has reached you inappropriately; please just reply to this message indicating so. Can you do a iwlist scan wlan0 or whatever you wireless device is and see if it picks up your wireless router?