I was hitting – yards. Ran across your website and to be honest, couldn’t really believe the number of positive reviews about your driver. I let my buddy’s father use it and he did not want to give it back. I’m 73 and love your product. My best guess is an additional 20 yards.

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Every drive was longer by 25 yards or more. After hitting your club 50 balls and my other driver – Cleveland XLS – 50 balls I added up the numbers and got an additional 26 yards. Why do I need to login to see this item? G60 by Graman — Designed for golfers with faster swing tempos or players seeking more control with longer club lengths.

Best Non-Conforming Driver – Equipment – GolfWRX

I’m hitting towering drives and getting 25 yards plus. Hit a good 75 yards longer.

I strongly encourage you to read this entire listing in order to truly gain an appreciation for what is being sold. Many websites PAY for the reviews they use on their products. Service-price and result has been better than expected! With my Callaway XR I was hitting a 5 wood into I like its 57mm face height.


I then stepped up to the Cobra head with a custom Integra sooolong 45 gram ultra-lite shaft 48″ long shaft.

Factory spine aligned and frequency certified to insure unmatched performance. The guys I play with cannot believe the increase in my distance and playing ability. Easy to swing and, yes, definitely yards further. It’s not legal but it should be the longest out there.

Quite simply — unbelievable. Primed for speed and distance. Before sending me a message for help, please look at the website support section: Thank you TPF Golf!! I will share with you that I have tried other high drivers before. I am ordering a second one today. Happy with what I supefspeed. I am once again excited about playing golf and will recommend your drivers to m800 friends.

As you might guess I love the driver! Was hitting my driver fairly well but was interested in what m8 technology” might be able to do to help. Start Free Trial Sign In. After reading about your drivers I decided to give one a try in hopes of getting a lttle more distance.


Well worth the money! Thanks, you have a very satified customer. Your M80 driver has helped me add 20 plus yards on my drives not to mention it goes straighter. I generally hit to about and now I am between Supsrspeed across your LightSpeed driver and ordered the 48″ senior model.

TPF M80 Superspeed NON-CONFORMING .900+ COR Driver

It is non-conforming, but is is simply amazing. It had been awhile since I have seen those distances.

Anyway, I must commend you on your drivers. The all new Dual Tone Alignment System makes set up easy and stress free.