Search for troubleshooting guides. When enabled, this option greatly reduces the number of commands the LocoNet can handle each second, which can cause significant delays when you’re controlling signals, etc. Click here to send Digitrax Tech Support a message. Buffered inputs and outputs allow use with all operating systems with USB support. This has several implicaitons: This includes speakers, wire, cables, battery covers, etc. Here’s a list of command stations and the OpSw31 setting which will speed-up command station turnout command handling:.

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Support: Digitrax LocoNetĀ®

The Monitor Slots tool is only able to display information for “standard” slots. Many knowledgeable Digitrax users contribute to the Digitrax users “groups.

This requires a separate LocoNet adapter for each connection. Other users who do not have any hardware which are controlled by DCC stationary lcoonet messages on the DCC track signal or loconer the LocoNet cable’s RailSync wires may decide to prevent the command station from forwarding any LocoNet switch control messages to the DCC track signal and RailSync wires by enabling the command station’s “Bushby bit”.

Manufacturing and normal shipping will begin again on January 2nd, Join The Digitrax User Group.

This buffer is limited, and under conditions of heavy LocoNet switch command traffic, can overflow. Dick Bronson’s Home Page Revised: Buffered inputs and outputs allow use with all operating systems with USB support. Many problems are easily resolved by contacting Digitrax Tech Support without having to send in your unit.


This can be problematic, depending on how the device which sent the switch command responds to the rejection message on LocoNet. Follow Us On Twitter! Please give a complete description of the issue you are having. These primarily allow configuration of LocoNet device functionality, but also include some tools for status monitoring. Other LocoNet devices can pay attention to the rejection message and can wait a while before re-sending the message.

The Uhlenbrock Intellibox command stations can also be controlled directly through it’s serial port or USB connection; there’s a separate page on how to do this. At this time, Digitrax “expanded” slots are not directly supported.

Internal Logic Blocks with up to 32 conditional statements. CDI controlled configuration via Software. If you will have multiple connections, the “Defaults” tab in the “Preferences” panel may be used to direct certain types of operations to different connections.

The LocoBuffer II and original LocoBuffer are no longer commercially available; their primary advantage now is that they use a traditional serial port, which may be the only suitable connection type available on some older computers. This is the “LocoNet Simulator”. A simple, straightforward warranty with no tricky language!

PR4 – USB to LocoNet Interface with Decoder Programmer – Released!

This can result in a “storm” of repeated switch messages on LocoNet if track power is off when switch messages are sent. Digitrax command stations seem to buffer the switch requests and forward them to the DCC track signal in a way that does not have a noticeable impact on mobile decoder response to throttle control operations. Please give your name, e-mail address, phone number and when is the best time to contact you. Generally, any of these can be used with any type of computer to communicate with any type of command station.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! To connect your computer to the LocoNet, and hence to the command station, you need one of the following adapters:.

Shrink may be peeled back to expose pads for adding function wires. This user’s group is run by and for Digitrax users. The PR4 makes decoder programming and interfacing your layout and computer easier than ever.

PR4 – USB to LocoNet Interface with Decoder Programmer – Released!

Terminator and CAN bus cable shown are not included Additional Power-Point units may be added as required by your system’s power requirements. These mechanisms are controlled by the “Turnout Command Handling” option for each LocoNet-based connection.

For more information on how to find those addresses, see this page. We’ll get them fixed up and return them to you as quickly as possible.