Here’s a link to this great service Good luck! This sounds like the signal cable from the controller board to the panel is not seated all the way down. Norman on Fri, 14th Jun 5: Hello, If the capacitors fail slowly then them may not show any signs of failure but will in fact be bad. If I leave unplugged for about three days it comes back on. Was just wondering if i missed something or have a second problem. The capacitor kit is available here:

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Dom Hobson on Wed, 25th Aug 8: This means that the plastic power supply cover no longer fits.

Projector Max V-Sync Rate. Remove the defective transistor by clipping its leads as.

Check it and let us know what you find, we can go from there. The parts we will be replacing 1933rr circled in yellow here. Just wanted to say thanks for such a great walkthrough. Thanks for sharing this.

Lg Computer Monitor L1733Tr Users Manual L17,1933TR SFQ_EÇ¥Áö

Relative noob here, so it feels pretty good to have desoldered and resoldered components on on a pcb and it works first time. Power supply board is dead,replaced the power supply board will get power. I have the same monitor with the same prob.


Burned my finger but I think that is a right of passage for the first time. V Lines – You can drill clearance holes in the plastic cover, or leave it off as I did. Remove the screws shown circled here. Hello Rick, That type of issue is usually cause by the power board. I declined and he put back the back cover and charged me Rs.

Heat and remove all solder from around the transistor. Also, the stand does not appear to be removable and the screw hidden beneath the stand does not have to be removed — just the four obvious ones. Now when plugged in and turned on, the power button turns from yellow to blue as normal, the LG logo appears and the display image comes up slightly dimmer than normal, and after 5 seconds 1933t being turned on, the backlight goes out completely and the image can only be seen by shining a bright light into the LCD.

Service Manuals

Hi, Thanks for sharing this. Now it lights up and says no input signal plus pushing any of the control buttons has no effect.

Bought your kit and fixed my monitor using your directions! I believe i need to replace this cable. If you hit the source button or turn the monitor off and back on, the issue repeats itself. R, G, B Analog.


LG LTR-SF Support: Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.S.A

I do understand what you are saying re; the blown capacitors and replacing them in the power supply ckt. I am doing the repair at the moment.

This is the third monitor in 2 years that has died on this Desk top. Hello, Sorry for the delays in responding, we have been swamped with service requests. If you want us to do the repair call me at and I can give you details. You can’t post answers that contain an email address. Quickly move the soldering iron tip to the junction of. Sorry for naive question, but if I just replace 6 different caps with new 6 caps of the same uf 25v kind or stronger — does it make difference?

Clip each fuse or resistor lead at top of the circuit board. MilesG on Tue, 15th Mar 5: Buddy Mcsparrin Jun 17,