For more info check out the DAQFactory board on our forum. In this case AI0. Something like this note when linking you do not include the lib portion of the name: Shopping cart Your shopping cart is empty. I was able to solve it as follow in the CMakeLists file:.

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Hi, I have a problem: I had to go through the following files: User menu Login Register Cart Contact.

U12, linux | LabJack

Check that one is connected linus try again. Additionally, we provide all the software you need to get the most out of your LabJack. Thanks for posting this Thanks for posting this information.

The eAnalogIn method reads an AI voltage. Generally, newer distributions like Ubuntu 14 will work, while CentOS 6. Python 3 seems to work To build ljacklm you need Exodriver liblabjackusb installed.

Kipling Linux Support

Correct, missing linking was Correct, missing linking was the problem. You should reinstall the library with the current version 1.


Hi I get an error saying the Hi I get an error saying the -lljacklm library is not found when trying to compile the examples. Mechanical Switch Closure 2. If you are not sure what version you currently have installed, run LJtest and see if it reports driver version 1.

Technical data subject to change at any time without notice. LabJack U12 wrapper objects to allow the use of a LabJack in.

Shopping cart Your shopping cart is empty. Labiack by Chris Drake. For the U3, there is the Exodriver: I am a beginner in python programming and in using the Labjack U Installation seems fine, since test programs like easyFunctions work.

Check out the downloads page at Meilhaus. Thanks for the support. Thanks for posting this information.

Kipling Linux Support | LabJack

Each undeclared identifier is reported only once ljacklm. Run Kipling and upgrade packages using your distribution’s package manager as needed if you get errors. I followed the link, download the Exodriver and ljacklm. Also, do you have gcc installed from XCode?

There is a quickstart on that page for the U3, but calls are not the same on the Lsbjack beyond the similarity of importing the module, creating a class instance and using the methods provided by classes.


I’m quite new to programming and interfacing is entirely new, so excuse me if the problem is very obvious. Every LabJack is backed by our free Legendary Support, for life. Python support for the U12 is Python support for the U12 is provided liunx LabJackPython, so you will want to go to that page for installation instructions. For the U3, there is a third-party MATLAB class from the Opticka project that may have the functionality you need, or at least give you a starting point for adding new functionality:.

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