I ordered my system on November 28, Intel Pentium M 1. KN1 keyboard and touchpad with integrated scroller view larger image. Like most laptops without a subwoofer, the KN1 lacks good bass response. KN1 left side view larger image. On battery power, the fan comes on about every 10 minutes.

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Nevertheless, these speakers are relatively good for tiny laptop speakers, rendering good midrange and high notes, and after tinkering with the included Realtek HD Audio controls you can actually make them sound rather substantial. When I first started using the system, the display did seem a little washed-out, but after adjusting the gamma and increasing the contrast a little bit in the NVIDIA control panel, the colors are sufficiently vibrant, although not quite as vivid as on a glossy screen.

Quanta KN1 laptop drivers for Windows XP x86

Quanta KN1 on the left, Toshiba s on the right view larger image. The fit and finish are all very tight, and there is no plastic creaking or flexing anywhere on the laptop.

The interior of the laptop is black, with a black keyboard and a silver border around it. Furthermore, they go out of their way to make themselves available for contact, being accessible via email, live chat, or even AIM.

There is a little dimpling if you press really hard on the back of the display, but I think with a screen this large that tends to be the norm. KN1 rear view view larger image. The arrangement of the ports is adequate. Horizontal and vertical viewing angles are excellent. The KN1 has a tiny slot on the underside next to its battery that is supposedly for a Bluetooth transmitter.


The KN1 has an 8-cell, 71WHr battery pack. KN1 underside view larger image. Ultimately, I saw the KN1 as offering the best balance between battery life and size, and its aesthetics simply appealed to me, but it was a tough call.

This notebook is more than sufficient for most modern games at moderate settings. I ordered my system with Windows XP Home, which was laaptop for my needs. After undervolting the processor, I have been getting around 3 hours and 25 minutes of battery life. The display is surprisingly laotop. Under ordinary word processing and Internet browsing use with the wireless on, I got around 3 hours and 10 minutes of battery life.

KN1 left side view larger image.

With the screen on full brightness, this drops down to 2 hours and 40 minutes. It also runs the games that I do currently play Warcraft III, Homeworld 2, Unreal Tournament without any problems with all the settings maxed out and a little anisotropic filtering and antialiasing thrown in for good measure.

Quanta KN1 Laptop LCD Screen 15.4″ WXGA CCFL ( Compatible Replacement )

The KN1 is relatively hard to find. The keyboard is a little on the noisy side, but not loud enough to be offensive. The speakers are mounted at the front, firing forward. ISTNC will be the primary point of service under this warranty, and I believe the same goes for most other resellers. They were my other primary choice for vendors, and were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in response to my inquiries.


The gets decent signal reception in most environments, and I have had little trouble connecting to the encrypted network in my house or to the school-wide network on campus.

Quanta KN1 Notebook Review (pics, specs)

The underside of the laptop has one large access panel that lifts off to expose the RAM, processor, graphics card, and cooling system. If you have no interest in playing intensive games, and want more battery life, the KN1-GM model with integrated graphics will probably get substantially better battery life since the GeForce Go consumes a fair amount of power.

The battery charges very rapidly, going from laptoo percent to around 80 percent in under an hour laptopp plugged in. I can assure you that having that little metallic sticker makes no difference whatsoever.

The graphics card is anywhere from 42 C and 62 C.

The KN1 is sold through various resellers, who configure and assemble it. Speakers The speakers are mounted at the front, firing forward.