My guess is that they were wrtten about ten years ago and the only updates since then have been to recompile with newer versions. I am rewriting all the VIs I need for other Keithley instruments. You did not give enough information. Message 9 of Try writing little programs that test each piece.

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Work with little pieces of the program at a time. Message 3 of Ok, I managed to get the driver via the German website of Keithley, I have attached it, unzip it into your instr. In any case, you should only two different GPIB addresses to choose between.

After exiting the loop, set the excitation to a safe value probably zero and do any other end of run housekeeping before ending the program.

My guess is that they were wrtten about ten years ago and the only updates since then have been to recompile with newer versions. Keithley x LV You have two different controls wired to two of the functions and nothing wired to the others. Did you download the drivers from the links above? I am having the hardest time trying to program labview. Im trying to get a simple I-V plot.


Keithley 6514

Proud to say that I’ve progressed beyond knowing just enough to be dangerous. The scan may or may not list which instrument is which. Start out by doing an ID query or status and see if you get back the answer pabview in the manual. Message 7 of 8. Message 5 of When you get one part working, add another part.

Then, right click on the board listing and select Scan for Instruments. Do all the configuration and setup outside the loop. Try allowing several seconds. Message 6 of Use the probe and extra indicators to monitor what is going on.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

GPIB error 6 is a timeout error. I also added an error out indicator so that you can see what error is occurring and where.

Loop until done or until an error or until stopped by the user. If you have any questions, please contact us at We even do not know your measurement. I want labview to basically be able to read the voltage values and plot it vs.


Message 1 of 8. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Ive keithle the drivers for theim just programming the now and triggering the manually. When you get problems with your VI, come back here, attach your VI with description what you tried, and what is your goal.

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Message 9 of A state machine architecture is an excellent way to handle test like this. If the error occurs on the first write, then the instrument is probably not responding.

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