New Age Pad 1,20 MB. This new improved model has a high quality design, stable construction, improved keyboard action, more powerful speaker systems, modified piano sounds and two USB to device ports. We invite you to explore our collection of world-renowned instruments. Since each dynamic level of the piano carries a unique harmonic signature, Kawai’s engineers created extremely accurate stereo “maps” of the entire dynamic range for each key. He has sold over nine million albums, with 2 platinum and seven gold certified albums.

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Scars on 45, a quintet from Leeds, England, combines the gentle melodic intensity of Snow Patrol or Keane with the added allure of co-ed vocals.

Kawai CN41 Digital Piano

Those who strive for extraordinary results need extraordinary tools. Using state-of-the-art digital equipment, their sound specialists meticulously recorded the rich tone of this exceptional piano in the “anechoic chamber” at their advanced piano research facility.

String Ensemble 0,72 MB. Optional, but would be nice Your home page URL: I had a Kawai CN4 for 8 months and was very happy with it.

Adding an effect to the sound enhances tonal quality and improves acoustic realism. Optional, but would be nice. Others 2 3,50 MB. The following temperaments are available: The CN Series is Kawai’s most affordable line of high performance digital pianos. String Pad 1,08 MB. When the button is pressed, the LED indicator will turn on, indicating that this sound has been selected. Recording information will be shown in the LCD display, as below. Also included 88 Concert Magic songs, so even non-players can experience the thrill of playing real music.


Caution An audio loop oscillation sound will occur, resulting in damage to the unit. The band consists of Matthew Bellamy on lead vocals, piano, keyboard and guitar, Chris Wolstenholme on backing vocals and bass guitar, and Dominic Howard on drums.

Leave a Comment Please note: Press the same button repeatedly to select another sound variation assigned to that button.


For over 90 years, Kawai has been the architect of the modern piano boldly pioneering the use of state-of-the-art materials and ideas dn41 advance the piano art form. It will be reviewed prior to being listed here.

The CN41 piano will play back all of the Concert Magic songs in order. Scars on 45 Featured Artist. Page 63 A standard USB driver is already installed in your computer.

Steven Curtis Chapman is considered by many to be the top artist in the fastest growing segment in the music industry, C4n1 Christian Music. The name of the selected preset sound is also shown in the LCD display. Now a new generation of pianists can learn using this proven method, but with a new practice partner — the Kawai digital piano. The transpose feature allows the song to be played in the original key, but heard in kaawii key.


Step 2 Press the REC button to execute the save operation. Fortunately, KAWAI have devised a method of playing the keyboard that is very simple, without even needing to strike the right keys.

All models of the new CN-series are provided with optical pedals. Page 67 Category Sound Classic E. Press the C4n1 button to return to the previous menu.

Choir 2 1,36 MB. The selected channel will function as both the transmit and receive channel.

Category Sound Classic E.