It’s like my computer fogot that this device works with it. The new network connection for the adapter displayed in the control panel, and the Wireless Utility program launched when I plugged in the adapter. I ended up sending back the C1 version and getting the B1 version again, with the same results. Or do you mean that we can damage an AirPort basestation by placing our PB too close to it? The device will show up in Network Prefs as an ethernet connection but there will be no signal or lights on from the device.

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Use a D-Link DWL-G USB WiFi Dongle – Mac OS X Hints

I have been told by Netgear that the WGE wireless bridge is no longer being made. Xwl-g122 haven’t read all of your post it’s late at nightbut I think the following should clarify: So, I connected to Apple’s Developer site, got a free membership and updated my Developer Tools to 2.

It happened several times to the point I just returned the usb adapter. Reboot and the computer should find it just fine.

Index of /pub/Wireless/DWL-G122/Drivers

It’s like my computer fogot that this device works with it. Has anyone had similar problems and found a solution?


I could get it to work but if my ibook g3 running Or sent me the driver which dose work in your case. The card worked, to connect to open wireless networks but, Kismac still puked at me.

Search Advanced From dwo-g122 Sponsor To the poster that mentioned it, yes I did mean Dwl-gg122 Extreme, not Express, sorry. When I get home I will definitely try the Rad driver’s mentioned above and pray. Macmiester on Nov 30, ’05 Okay, for the actual question. I think that’s why some folks are having trouble here.

This site is not responsible for what they say. It took me awhile to dql-g122 this out, dwo-g122 to install it you have to be in the ROOT account. One more important note: Looks like there might be some magic voodoo or at least specific firmware versions to make the dlink DWL-G work with a Mac.

This driver works first time on my G4 ibook 12 running Are you able to give a more descriptive detail how you got yours to connect to network? Macmiester [ Reply to This ].

Index of /pub/Wireless/DWL-G/Drivers

Last night, I discovered the fix. Could it be something with the router that’s seeing the device but not letting it connect? The past year or so I’ve been using my neighbors WEP secured connection and everything’s been working awesome.


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Has any one wdl-g122 usable driver for this product’s older brother, the DWL For anyone that has gotten a DWL-G to work, what steps did you take? I personally have not seen vwl-g122 and have run my internal Airport card Plug in the dongle. When you put two cards very close together, there’s a small chance that enough power could couple from the antenna of one when it’s transmitting to damage the receiver in the other.

I figured it was just kaput after a long life, so I purchased another.