Single Review, online available, Short, Date: We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. That’s not something you can do with most of the other netbooks on the market. Some convertibles are also represented with that size. The 6-cell battery gives the Joybook Lite U Eco a weight of 1.

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Regardless, it’s worth the price. Power efficient single core CPU with a very low performance. The battery performance is again very impressive at 8 hours 33 1u21 of normal usage, and also the screen is However, its build quality could be better and we’d like BenQ to include options for a 3G module and a solid state drive.

Would you buy this? The 6-cell battery gives the Joybook Lite U Eco a weight of 1. BenQ touts a Quick Charge feature for this netbook, saying that the battery can be charged in one hour to provide up to six hours of life.

If you regularly use your laptop while travelling, you’ll appreciate the large, 6-cell, But while the bigger screen and keyboard go joubook long way to making this netbook more desirable than most, it’s by no means one of the best models on the market.

Please eck our article, every link counts! Yet it offers larger screen and keyboard in comparison, and considerably better battery life. The colon, comma and forward slash keys are 13mm wide compared to I need power and lots of it. View our privacy policy before signing up. Now BenQ has brought out it’s older sibling, and again there’s a lot to like here.


BenQ Joybook Lite U121 Eco netbook

This screen diagoal is quite large for tablets but small for subnotebooks. Yes, the keyboard is the top percentile in u1211 of quality and comfort, but so much premium especially for a slower processor in the form of the Z, is not warranted.

In our MP3 encoding test, the Joybook recorded a time of 8min 20sec, which is a middle-of-road result.

The netbook’s build quality is adequate apart from the keyboard, which we think could be improved and it balances nicely on your lap. Nevertheless, this offering is a good option for anyone who feels that a 10in netbook is just too cramped to use.

BenQ JoyBook Lite U121 Eco announced

The only real complaint we have is the size – at 1. This is a good result and one of the main reasons you may want to consider this netbook over others available at present.

It also doesn’t feel hot when you use it over a long period of time — primarily because the large chassis gives the internal components plenty of air circulation. Despite the bigger keyboard and therefore bigger keys, the keyboard is a little bouncy, the keys are too hard to press and their response is not crisp.


Some convertibles are also represented with that size. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Overall the Joybook Lite U Eco felt responsive when launching programs and switching windows. As such, they can feel uncomfortable to type on, plus a couple of keys are so small they can be hard to press without hitting the adjoining — especially if you’re a touch typist.

BenQ could have added a lot more feature wise to this netbook — especially when you consider the free internal space — but the Joybook Lite U Eco doesn’t differ greatly from the other netbooks, save for the bigger screen and keyboard. The GMA graphics chipset can decode H.

Benq Joybook Lite U Eco – External Reviews

This weight is typical for big tablets, small litd, ultrabooks and convertibles with a inch display-diagonal. It has a large So, details like letters are bigger.

The Joybook Lite U Eco is a good option for anyone who wants a big netbook with long battery life. We sometimes ran into a quirk with the battery when trying to charge it; the battery would not accept a charging signal until we removed it and re-inserted it.