Please see your system documentation for details. Documentation, Support, and Training. Copyright c , Intel Corporation All rights reserved. On operating systems that support it, you can check sysfs to find the mapping. This parameter is only used on kernel 3. Configure Bonding for Multiple ixgbe Interfaces. Does it appear in the dmesg output?

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When a malicious driver attempts to send a spoofed packet, it is dropped by the hardware and not transmitted. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our intler terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

DCB is a configuration Quality of Service implementation in hardware. Related topics Network Connectivity: Maximum size of packet that is copied to a new buffer on receive uint parm: Flow Control auto-negotiation is part of link auto-negotiation.

IntelĀ® Network Adapter Driver for PCIe* IntelĀ® 10 Gigabit Ethernet Network Connections Under Linux*

Not all modules intellr applicable to all devices. If auto-negotiation is enabled, this command changes the parameters used for auto-negotiation with the link partner. You can try using a different PCIe slot, if you have another one available, checking that your NIC and riser card if any are firmly seated, or replacing the riser card or motherboard.


Download drivers and software Select Linux as the operating system.

Sign up using Facebook. Sideband Perfect Filters are used to direct traffic that matches specified characteristics. The number of queue pairs for a given traffic class depends on the hardware configuration. The PF supports the DCB features with the constraint that each traffic class will only use a single queue pair. Customers must use their own discretion and diligence to purchase optic modules and cables from any third party of their choice.

Active direct attach cables are gigzbit supported.

Your comments have been sent. Thus, if you have a dual port adapter, or more than one adapter in your system, and want N virtual functions per port, you must specify a number for each port with each parameter separated by a comma. Centos runs old kernels so often isn’t quite up with the latest hardware.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The ixgbe driver implements the DCB gigbit interface layer to allow user-space to communicate with the driver and query DCB configuration for the port.

To enable or disable Rx or Tx Flow Control: All hardware requirements listed apply to use with Linux.

Sign up using Email and Password. Installing the Low Profile Adapter.


This parameter is only used on kernel 3. In the following command:. When multiple traffic classes are configured for example, DCB is enabledeach pool contains a queue pair from each traffic class. For questions related to hardware requirements, refer to the documentation supplied with your adapter. It could also xepress, if you haven’t actually tried this specific NIC in a different server and had it work, that the NIC itself is bad. Also i have the same problem with the other server and i have re installed CentOS 6.

redhat – CentOS not detecting Intel 10G (ixgbe) interface – Server Fault

Intel is not endorsing or promoting products made by any third party and the third party reference is provided only to share information regarding certain optic modules and cables with the above specifications. The Linux Kernel 4. When zero VFs are configured, the PF can support multiple queue pairs per expresss class. To add a new filter use the following command: In the following command: Try ifconfig eth2 up.