All Auction Buy It Now. With this centralized, enterprise-class administration, administrators can enforce device-specific polies, including password strength and retry limits, onboard portable applications and where devices are allowed to be used. Deny – prohibits accessing the data on the device until it can verify status Disable – Locks out the user completely the next time the device connects Destroy – Instructs the device to initiate its self-destruct sequence Whether managed on your premises or in the cloud, the Imation Enterprise solution easily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure. I’ve left it in water for a few days, frozen it solid, thawed it out and boiled it, thrown it about, jumped on it, and generally been unkind to it, and it still looks and works like new. Employees can be negligent when using drives, thus putting sensitive data at risk.

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Failing to input the correct password 10 times in a row will only cause the flash drive to self-destruct.

IronKey S Secure USB Drive – 4GBGB | Kingston

Access data on Windows, Mac or Linux. Safely store your sensitive data on a USB flash drive designed specifically for the needs of sensitive military, government and enterprise networks. Whether managed on your premises or in the cloud, the Imation Enterprise solution easily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.


Here’s a sneak peek at the sale. No Kingston Technology device can be unlocked without using the current password set for a specific device. Options are available to let you or your IT experts manage drives centrally to meet compliance requirements, remotely reset passwords, manage device inventories, enforce policies and more.

FIPS Level 3. IronKey USB drives will self-destruct in the sense that after 10 consecutive incorrect password attempts, both the flash memory and AES encryption keys are permanently wiped from your drive’s memory, rendering it unusable.

GoPro to shift camera production out of China. More refinements More refinements Introducing Stealth Key M For added peace of mind, anti-virus protection is available on DataTraveler Iron,ey Privacy 3.

From everyday use to professional photo or video, these cards deliver exceptional speeds, huge capacities and legendary Kingston reliability.

Self-defending IronKey drives also provide active protections against the spread of worms, crimeware or other malicious code. The cost of failing to comply with these regulations is significantly higher than the cost of compliance.

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IronKey Personal S and D are the ideal lash drives for individuals who want to protect the data they care about most. Both drives are encased in high-strength aluminum enclosure and feature USB 3.

Every IronKey S and D flash drive is built around a self-defending architecture that includes:. From then on you enter the passphrase when you want to use the drive, and away you go forget it and you have ten tries to nail it, after which your data is gone.


Available through our partnership with DataLocker. Guaranteed by Thu, Jan 3. Its SafeShare technology, unique in the industry, permits Stealth M users to collaborate using on-device data without sacrificing its safety.

Performance wise the drive is ironkkey. Basic model compatible with: Or after being dropped from a height on concrete? The S is backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty and is available in two versions for maximum flexibility:. With a minimum order of 50 pieces, the programme delivers precisely what your organisation needs. Do IronKey flash drives really self-destruct? Financial services companies are bound to comply with an expanding array of data security regulations and standards, including:.

Or the item simply does not work. Hardware-encrypted external storage drives are pretty much a must-have item for enterprise these days, and Apricorn has once again raised the bar with the new Aegis Irojkey L3. Efficiently manage the complete deployment and maintenance lifecycle, including provisioning, support and updates.

By using the site, you are consenting to this. For added peace of mind, the drive uses digitally-signed firmware making it immune to BadUSB.