So you can integrate and use the newest Intel textmode drivers v8. Intel matrix storage manager application driver. It is not easy to get Windows , Windows XP or Windows Server installed onto a modern Intel chipset system, because new mainboards with any of the latest Intel Chipsets have not been designed for being used with the absolutely outdated pre-Vista Operating Systems and the Operating Systems W2k, XP and W2k3 have not been designed by Microsoft for being used with a chipset, which was developed by Intel more than 10 years later. By downloading, you accept the terms of the Dell Software License Agreement. Sending you all season greetings! Thu Aug 01, 1: When you come up to the task “Drivers”, hit the “Insert” button, use the “Single driver” option and point to the content of the driver package you have downloaded and extracted at first step.

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Update of the Guide start post Fri Aug 30, 4: The Intel Rapid storage is still on the XP side and running. However, just now I wanted to give Windows 7 64 bit a go because I’ve added more ram, but the installer won’t recognize the modded 64 bit driver. Posted August 25, edited. Thanks for the additional info anyway, because I will now implement your added input to achieve my desired result to boot my XP in AHCI. Design und Sprache Sprache: Due to the fact, that Intel has published new RST textmode drivers v9.


Additional advices for the later OS installation:.

Forum – [Guide] Integration of Intels AHCI/RAID drivers into a Windows XP/W2k3/W2k CD

This package installs an updated version of the Microsoft Windows. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Press S to Specify Additional Testmode. This info is misleading, because the v9. If this step is not required, skip to step 7. Discover the magic of the Internet.

Download Intel Matrix Storage Manager: Posted August 26, edited. Posted August 25, For those that are curious about what was here, courtesy of the Wayback Machine: Here they can get a universally modded and digitally signed version of Intel’s latest 32bit MSM driver v8.

Because of your problem to create a bootable CD I have added an easy and safe way to my guide. If you are going to install the 32bit version of Windows XP or Windows ServerI recommend to download the following official 32bit Intel textmode driver v Intel matrix storage manager application driver.


Create the second RAID volume using one of the following methods. Nevertheless I will give you a short answer: You can enable more than 1 Controller.

Click Create a custom volume. Download the latest version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology. Integration Of The Intel Sata And Raid Drivers –

Setup is still loading drivers. The remaining drives are selected automatically the image below shows the hard drives on Port 0 and Port 1 have available capacity. Here are the download links: Sign in Already have an account? Open the “Storage Controllers” old name: Already have an account? Intel RST drivers v9. Don’t hit F6 and don’t insert any driver floppy during the installation using the CD with integrated Intel Controller drivers. Safari Chrome IE Firefox.