I changed the default Depth from 24 to 16 bpp, and obtains a better score of fps with glxgears. Can the T40 screen fit in the T60? All items must be returned in their original condition. Skip to main content. An error occurred, please try again.

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I extracted the builtin memory module of my laptop.

T40 Wi-fi card upgrade – Thinkpads Forum

Atgeros contacted IBM France, and they accepted to change this module after some discussion. For example, lbm can come back to the P0 state, and obtain back the full processor power, just by writing the desired value: Keep this in mind when “faking” other models. This module is correctly referenced by IBMand is supposed to work in my T The driver shows a flaky behaviour when handling high network load for a long time more than 1 hour typically.

Read more about the condition. This patch is useful f40 me, as it allows me to test the internal wireless card, with attheros single access point, whose wired interface is connected to the wired interface of my laptop. Message 6 of 8. First off, wanted to say I’m a long-time viewer and first-time poster The underlying protocol didn’t change, so you still can communicate even if both peers don’t share the same package version.


Using radeonfb prevents X to resume from suspend properly.

Nickolai told me that the driver has been stable for several days. I took some photos herebefore the problem vanished as silently attheros it appeared.

Atheros IBM Lenovo AR5212a Wireless Card G x30 x31 x40 r40 r50 r51 t40 t41

I added again a card reset command when the module is loaded, that I hastily removed in my previous patches. The value of the first register inside the memory of the PCI card should be modified to read: The handler used to tell the card that there’s a packet to be transmitted is executed in 10 usecs too. h40

The wireless card included in the T40 is NOT the intel one. Moreover, the sensors type Sensor type: I hacked the driver a bit, from a close comparison between the airo code and the code of the driver provided by Cisco, and the tx mode is now working.

Therefore, make sure you understood the problem described here and made all the measurements carefully. The last proprietary module slamr. For now, I run Linux with the builtin memory only, and I didn’t experienced any single failure yet. In this scheme, the driver is relatively stable. And after a more longer testing period than the previous one a whole night longthe memtest86 program finally found some errors, after somewhat 9 passes.


Led doesn’t work after all. The manual of the Cisco card is clear on the subject: How do i look for the wireless driver software? It requires no special screw driver, just a little care for the connection ribbon of the keyboard.

Pin 20 is located on the underside of the miniPCI Express board, second pin from the notch, on the side with more pins.

The machine cannot be brought back to life when resume is invoked. A similar patch has to be applied to calltree, part of the kcachegrind package too.

Now that the predesktop area is restored, I put back the wtheros level of this area in the BIOS as “normal”, so this disk area is normally no longer visible by partitionning tools.

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