How to check whether i-gotU device has been installed successfully? How to improve my waypoints which are not so accurate? How can I do when I forgot the password after setting “Enable Password”? How to judge the LED indicators of i-gotU device quickly? How long can I use the i-gotU device before the battery run down Battery Life?

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i-gotU GT-600 GPS Travel & Sports Logger Reviewed

How long can I use the i-gotU device before the battery run down Battery Life? Got a question on the i-GotU GT? The software supplied has three key applications: Biking, hiking, jogging, skiing What is “Smart Tracking Mode” function? The Trip trip creator application. We found satellite lock to gh-600 very fast, as you’d expect from a SiRF Star III chipset device – quoted acquision time from cold is less u-gotu 35 seconds.

i-gotU GT GPS Travel and Sports Logger Reviewed

Trip This is the flagship application. If you’re using the service to the full, then you can add your photos. Essentially, this is a GPS receiver powered by a rechargeable battery.


How to combine several trips into a single trip? Off trekking, hiking or off-roading?

We’re very u-gotu to recommend the GT, as well as the other two trackers in the range, i-gou basic GT the smallest in the fleet, with no motion-detection and the GTe with Bluetooth ideal for mobiles. When the logger is plugged into a PC, it acts as a satellite receiver, so you can use your laptop as a sat-nav, route-finder or locator Big Brother: How to reset my i-gotU device?

How to change my template to “Sport” mode?

How to change the template? On a couple of occasions, we noticed an apparent location ‘jump’ on the map, where we can only assume the signal wasn’t quite good enough for a precise lock, however there’s an option labeled “Optimize track waypoints” in the software settings which helps to eliminate mis-reads from your trip.

It’s water resistant, and very easy to use, with two commands – turn on by pressing the button for 2 seconds, and the same to tg-600 it off.

Current location overlaid onto a birds-eye Bing Map. Why does the i-gotU device locate for so long or even cannot locate the position? It’d designed to import trip information from your device and package it into a record of that trip. Where can I find them waypoints of Push-to-Log? In the UK, you can track down the i-GotU range at maplin. What do the lights do? How to confirm whether i-gotU device can work without any problem?


Why do I need one? How to embed my trip in the other blog? Your trips can be viewed on Google Maps and Google Earth.

Sports Analyser If you’re into your fitness, you’ll be impressed with the activity analyser application that’s supplied with the i-GotU. You switch it on, and it captures your position using GPS every few seconds, storing that information to the built-in memory.

Can I immediately record Waypoints anytime? Stick a logger on your dog’s collar, kid’s schoolbag or in your car. You can see other’s world adventures on the Trip site at www.

Use the i-Got U for photo geo-tagging.