Windows xp will automatically recognize your dongle without external driver. Shaun – Friday, November 30, My thinking on this? The model I had been breaking every month for four months was nowhere to be seen on their shelves. My bad — or my computer’s bad I was easily able to go 35 feet or so away from the headset when talking which makes the range of this Bluetooth set excellent and one of the best we have seen. I found when playing with different BT devices I had a variety of success but NEVER quite managing to get stereo sound with the microphone simultaneously.

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Oct 01, Sewing Machines. Install Service Pack 1. On talktime tests, on an approximately hours usage of the headset function a day, I only need to charge my headphones roughly once a week- reasonably good compared to my other bluetooth headsets with offering only 8 hours of talktime.


Now install it on your windows Then, 2 weeks later I notice a stress crack at the top of the plastic headband, which actually goes around the back of your head. You will need to install two drivers; follow the directions on the site. THe Logitech’s would be great wireless headphones if the headbands didn’t break.

AND they included a mic built in to the headset for skyping or windoows to a bluetooth enabled cellphone.

Sound quality is good, connectivity is good and the headphones can double as a wireless headset for your phone. The stereo did NOT work on the bluetooth connected music feed.



The crack got worse, and then there was no tension left to keep the headphones on my head. Your say, your stay, enjoy yourself here. Windows xp will automatically recognize your dongle without external driver.

Charging indicators act as normal. Related Topics dell headset 3 in 1 headset on PC motorola headphones motorola ht how to window dongle Xp sp1 ht windows 7 Dongle Drivers internal schematic for dell gi headphones dell xps usb dongle windows 7 lg bluetooth headphones pc e bce ht headset driver USB ht ohrpolster lg usb service lg wireless headphones motorola bluetooth ht Let’s see how they’ll fix that problem.

Unlike other Bluetooth headsets that we have reviewed in windoes past, the Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headphones HT has a unique feature in that can simultaneously wjndows your cell phone with a separate music source via the Motorola DC sold separately, of courseallowing you to listen to music without missing any of your phone calls. Everything loaded just fine but when I try to open program it does not recognize the dongle.

However I want to use the mic with the highquality sound for gaming and voice talk during the game, it does sound a lot better. Microsoft Surface Laptop screen, benchmarks and heat.

Wolf Burgers Changi City Point. My humble little home on the internet. Sydney Fish Market Thursday, November 29, Anyways, so now I asked what wireless headphones they could trade out with me.


Motorola HT820 Bluetooth A2DP AV stereo headphones review

There are thousends of methods to pair so read the manual of your computer bluetoothcard or dongle aswell as the MM However, my experience is beyond even most jaded imagination of product return hell.

After using it for about 2 weeks, it is as a matter of fact, quite comfortable to wear now for extended periods. Nothing much, nothing less, but its does catch your voice real well. Amazon com Charm sonic Bluetooth Headphones V3 I own an ipod, but I didn’t need the headphones for the ipod, i needed it for my 20″ iMac 2ghz fully loaded beautiful piece of computing genius.

SOLVED: Windows 7 can’t find driver for my HT headset. – Fixya

They hooked up nicely, sounded pretty good, however, range was weak – about 8 feet, but I was only using them for my computer at my desk so that was okay with me. Incoming calls were registered on the Motorola HT almost instantaneously with a pleasant ring in the headphones.

Pairing the HT with your laptop will allow you to activate either of Bluetooth services only at one go:. But all to no reveal. Please enter your comment!