Message 1 of 8. Message 7 of 8. Reading the manual if its any good is 8 hrs and coding the new driver takes 42 hrs. Everything OK so far. Message 4 of The error you are seeing only occurs if there was an error before you called this VI.

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Message 9 of Message 7 of Jeff made a good explanation. The error report says it’s error wait for interrupt.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hp4140b Power Supply

That worked as far back as LV3 or 4, I think. What would I need to do in that case?

Message 3 of I went to look again for a link — there are some newer and probably working links, but the most recent ones are even fancier, and I suspect may be even more of a challenge for novices and I’m including myself to follow. The other two files. The program up to this point only shows the I-V curve once it has finished the execution, and I’d need to see it “live”, that’s why I wanted to show the graph from the sub-VI in the main VI.


It has been a long time since I used LV 7.

Solved: issues about hpb driver – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Message 8 of So, there were two possibilities on a specific piece of hardware one cost 10, beads the other beads and you saved the customer and my.

Message 6 of The vi is written in Labview 8. Other ways include running the subVI in parallel and passing the data via a queue. Hello, I am very new in labwindows programing. You may need a dfiferent method to shut down on error. So which is it?

Message 7 of lagview Message 4 of Message 7 of 8.

Next time- the cost effectivness of doing business based on customer support. Can you help me please?

Message 5 of Message 3 of 4. On the other hand it might be faster to learn that and develop a robust program than to tweak your existing program to do things it was never inteded to do.


Solved: LabVIEW does not run HPB .vis – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

I do not have the HP driver subVIs but it does not look like you make any attempt to turn off the voltage after you detect the current limit.

If you take a look at the block diagram, there is a Case Structure which checks to see if an error has already occured. If anyone else reads this and can think of a solution, please post!

There will be no additional functionalities, the “real-time” graph is going to be the last one, lol. The error you are seeing only occurs if there was an error before you called this VI. Message 5 of Message 3 of Message 10 of