A friend just bought some Calaway clubs not sure which model from this site at a VERY good price which makes me think its a scam. I am definitely thinking fake after viewing their prices. I have used rockbottom golf several times and had no issues with the products I received. I believe these brands have prices that retailers are not supposed to reduce. Today I refused the pkg and I will refute any charges he may apply. The perfect name for suckers like yourself who type into their google search engine the word golf followed by such words as discount, warehouse, sale, rockbottom, cheap, super cheap, unbelieveably cheap, really unbelieveably cheap, really really unbelievably cheap. Read through some of the FAQs for example:.

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I would feel better if they had said got ya sucker but no they just down right lied! Anyone had any experience of http: I just bought cobra S2 Driver from Ebay.

All vely, vely cheap, cheap. I checked the swing weight on each iron. Fake die-hard more suitable for good golfers but they still have a bigger sweet spot than the traditional, smaller heads callaway ft-iz driver. I asked customer service she guranteed that they were from the original manufacturer and if i didnt like them i could send them right back for full refund…….


I have a friend who purchased an R11 driver from gfsellers. He played with the wuperfast for few times as very bad and want to trade in with different club, but the Golfsmith rejected it, because the shaft is cheap and fake label.

All Items climachill climaheat climaproof climacool climastorm.

Taylor Made Burner SuperFast 2.0 Driver

A magnet does not stick to it but who knows. Could someone shed some light on this test for me on whether or not that applies to fairway woods too, cuz the magnet stuck.

Fake clubs By spackler in forum Golf Clubs. These are some of the easiest way to tell if the website is legit.

In retrospect, this looked too good to be true, and was.

Seriously, Vic, use your brain. What questions should I ask?

Today’s Golfer

Is this golf wholesale site a legitimate site in the United States or is it a scam or maybe some place selling counterfeit clubs? Did you read the first few sentences about themselves?

Why on Earth would a golf website say spott clubs, golf bags, golf balls, golf hats, golf gloves, golf socks etc. We are here to help educate and empower golfers.

The Official Counterfeit Thread – Page 18

One basic thing to keep in mind is that if you do not purchase from an authorized Internet dealer, the manufacturer may not honor its warranty on new clubs. Sleep well tonight and pick up your 6 iron tomorrow Some people are like Slinkies I was wondering if my golf wholesale is a legit site and if anybody has bought any clubs fakd this site?


White is the new black. These site also offer Lefty clubs and assured me that all their clubs have serial numbers and will checkout with Titleist. Search Advanced Search section: Tag Heurer has a network of retailers that exclusively sell their product Just like many club makers have with the golf stores.

What recourse do I have?

I, of course, am jesting. I told them that my wife found out I ordered these and she is pissed. The counterfeit is the on the left by the way.

Taylor Made Burner SuperFast Driver – Taylor Made Drivers – Golfbidder

When I looked into it a bit more, I realised I was done over! They gave me a credit after I emailed the seller and told him the club was available and ready for shipper of his choice to pick up.

And that is exactly what the colour is supposed to do.