You might attempt to use drivers and programs that are provided by other companies; however, HP cannot provide technical support or diagnose potential hardware issues until you reinstall the original Vista or Windows 7 operating system. Within the Device Manager, a graphic of an exclamation mark! A quick benchmark in 3DMark gives a result of which is quite reasonable for its specifications. The dedicated vertical scrollpad is a huge plus. It seens dragon will fill in the requirement. Congrats on whatever it is you did paying off to get to play around with this for a while.

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HP Pavilion HDX-9000

The screen has taken a knock, apparently, and it is out of warranty. Noise-wise, this machine is absolutely silent. It’s the best inch laptop on the market—that is, if you’re willing to shell out the money for both the computer and the chiropractic fees. It seens dragon will fill in the requirement. For one, the speakers at the front panel are extremely directional.

It’s about as thick as the HP dvt Vista and follows the same design rules as the rest of the Pavilion line. Is there anybody else getting similar RSS issues? See the Microsoft web site for their usage and support policies. Where will I get the latest dragon with all the latest up dates to buy in Singapore and approximate price.


If your computer shipped with a non-XP operating system, HP supports the installed hardware and software while the computer is operating with the original operating system, according to the written agreements.

Sound is unreal for a notebook. Better than hdz9000 Dell XPS i had. Hola from sunny Spain.

They say its a walking desktop computer!!!! Open a browser, and go to the www. Dual-booting is not recommended While documentation on how to use dual-booting might be available on the web, HP does not support computers that have been set up in a dual-boot configuration.

Each operating system takes up a considerable amount of space on the hard drive. Watch cable tv on it. Best design for a inch laptop. Javascript is disabled in this browser. Even if a third-party company or Windows itself can provide generic drivers that allow all of your devices to operate, the performance of your HP computer might be less than optimal.

HP does not provide Windows XP-compatible drivers for functions such as sound, video, graphics, network connectivity, drives, or other devices and peripherals for these consumer notebooks.

HP Pavilion HDX First Looks – Review – PCMag UK

But the main problem is i cant find suitable drivers for it. It is also quite heavy, weighing about 7kgs, which has the positive side-effect of stabilizing hsx9000. A quick benchmark in 3DMark gives a result of which is quite reasonable for its specifications. The dual-boot requires hardware drivers for both operating systems, and HP does not provide drivers for components that were not designed for the specific operating system.


This computer is the one I type this message on, and apart from the solid feel of the keyboard, silky smooth graphics response and digital tv!!!! Reinstall the original OS if your PC is not working properly If you have already downgraded your computer from Vista or Windows 7 to Windows XP, you have probably discovered that features like sound, DVD drive, or the webcam have stopped working.

This page requires Javascript.

Windows XP on HDX | NotebookReview

One day, consumers will be able to slide a inch laptop into a portfolio briefcase. You can reinstall the original OS. So much of this machine is the display, both by size and by feature, so the expectation is set xo high. In the front bezel, two headphone ports and a microphone jack are available.

That may not be as crazy as it sounds. Most of excess processes besides the Windows defaults are from Norton and a bunch of HP modules.

How was it watching television?