Yet, it is their true portability that has changed the rules and set a whole new trend in the 3D scanning market. Truly portable metrology-grade 3D scanners delivering highly accurate measurements. The software can recreate a meshing from the raw data previously acquired; Surface is rendered in real time the user can view the 3D surface as the object is being scanned ; The creation, from the meshing, of geometrical entities; Several other functions related to the optimization of the meshing such as hole filling, smart decimation without definition loss on the meshing , or boundary filters. Because they have no mechanical constraint, they allow total freedom of movement and can be brought and used virtually anywhere. Because of this, the HandySCAN must use the tracking target stickers to triangulate its position relative to the object being scanned.

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VXelements was designed to simplify the whole scanning process to its essential core, through a powerful and simple process. Its real-time visualization sscanner a simple, enjoyable scanning experience.

Aerospace The Aerospace industry offers some very unique and complex challenges for rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and inspection. Changes in surrounding environment have no impact on data acquisition quality or accuracy.

One of our agents will hhandyscan you determine the Creaform scanner that suits your business needs. A custom suit worn by an action hero in a movie is very valuable.

Professional Portable 3D Scanners

The best practice is to use the Spider-web technique. They are now faster at delivering accurate and high resolution 3D scans while remaining simple to use.


An optimized scan file is automatically created and available upon completion of the data acquisition step, which contributes to greatly hanfyscan your part inspection or design process.

Once you have your part covered in targets you can start scanning.

HandySCAN 3D Scanner | 3D Florida Scanning Service

Check here for the latest career opportunities. Check here often for the latest information. It gathers all the essential elements and tools into a uniform, user-friendly and intuitive working environment. Product Design Services EMS employs a staff of experienced industrial designers and mechanical engineers who can help bring your ideas to life. From the early prehistoric discovery of how to control fire to the printing press to the telephone scannsr the Internet, it is our ability to think and innovate that drove us to where we are today.

Creaform develops, manufactures, and sells 3D portable measurement technologies and specializes in engineering services.

From vehicles to large buildings the Surphaser offers unmatched performance, accuracy and scan resolution.

HandySCAN 3D | Professional [Portable 3D Laser Scanner] by Creaform

Software Scan-to-CAD software module Dimensional inspection software module Dynamic tracking software module Remote access software application Partners. Creaform’s flagship metrology-grade scanners underwent a complete re-engineering, building on its core assets.

VXinspect is an intuitive and powerful 3D inspection software designed for manufacturing companies conducting first article inspection FAI or quality control. Last time we scannfr at the Go! Learn more about VXmodel.


VXremote improves your efficiency in the field by providing fast and easy remote access to VXelements. Having the right equipment and expertise allows us to apply our handyecan to almost any industry and application. No complicated alignment or point cloud processing needed; No limitation to the scan resolution: Highest measurement rate among all laser scanners: Our 3D scanners are up and xcanner in less than 5 minutes and require no rigid set-up nor particular experience from the user.

It uses triangulation to determine its relative position to the part in real time.

All three of these have different ways in which they figure out where they are in 3D space relevant to the geometry being scanned. Self-positioning devices Accuracy in real-life conditions: The HandySCAN 3DTM handheld scanners of new generation have been optimized to meet the needs of product development and engineering professionals on the lookout for the most effective and reliable ….

Scanning Area x mm 8. Years ago a typical car or truck model would last five to seven years with only some minor changes.

HandySCAN 3D Scanners

VXmodel is Creaform’s new post-treatment software! VXmodel VXmodel is Creaform’s new post-treatment software! Easy access to confined spaces: