Any of yall know if its possible? It works better for many reasons. Carpet Sales and Installations. PAM fasteners makes a really slick glue gun – we liked that one the best of all we tried We always did a double row of strip – it works better for us with the power stretcher. For cutting carpet and resilient flooring, this is a very simple tool to use. I also found that starting the nail on a slight angle head of the nail facing the wall helps drive the nail clean.

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THEN there’s a lot of variables as to how the batch was handled during the pour and finish. Pneumatic T-nailers are a waste of time and money they blast the concrete out and you go through a lot of nails. Please contact us if you need assistance with a freight quote.

I might try the drilling as well but my coworkers dont like change lol and im not trying to buck the system. I hope you get my point. Delivery estimates provided for online stznd-up are not guaranteed. Can be tricky to master but once done skys the limit. Lowes is the cheapest for large tube PL adhesive as they do case discount.


Tackstrip on concrete short nail wins | The Floor Pro Community

They are usually not straight so of course the result is a failed nailing, and they are too long which makes the concrete crack and another failed nailing. Chemrex would be a good alternative but everytime i use it my pa cuts the tip too big and its a big globular mess or he bitches about it not being enough while my uncle bitches about it being too much and the damn gun always makes a mess where it is sitting no matter if i release the pressure or take the tube out and smack the bottom of it also the wait time kills productivity in and of itself.

Nor would you encounter the same grade of concrete in a Section 8 Housing Project in Cleveland, Ohio.

Media New media New comments. Maybe i just need to try the disposable hook ones for sheet goods concrete will dull anything in next to no time. Please contact us if you need assistance with a freight quote. Concrete here ranges from hard to nuh uh, ain’t gonna happen. Tools, Equipment and Supplies.

I use the sds where you can’t get at with slide. Please allow an additional days for standard UPS Ground delivery. Mike Antonetti Jul 19, Pounding concrete tack sucks but it is the most reliable.


Taylor Concrete Nail Driver For Sale

I like the nail driver. Once this is mastered its hard to stop. Keep up the good work, and never stop trying to find a better way! Daris MulkinMar 2, I feel vinyl maybe but carpet is hard for me gndlach see as anything other than a gimmick. Seems like always being on floor works better, kick tackstrip to check?

I want to see a video on how you stretch a hall.

I found this glue gun at a carpet repair and installation supply house. In most cases, orders placed before Your name or email address: It must be a 8770 thing?

Gundlach 870 Stand-up Concrete Nail Driver

There is no ONE trick or gimmick to make your life easy. Elderly Housing units in New Britain Connecticut will have been constructed with an entirely different concrete composition. Desk Jockey Rico Sauve.

Please allow an additional days for standard UPS Ground delivery.