It pulls between 1A and 2A from the power supply. Working with electricity is dangerous, all information found on my site is for educational purpose and I accept no responsibility for others actions using the information found on this site. I highly reccomend building this driver first, to familiarise your self with the suprises of HV. It also could be your power resistors are Wire wound which raises the impedance inductance and transient voltage causing damage to the 2N Vbe. Waiting for your reply- Regards Karl. Perhaps some added capacitance on the output of the power supply could even the spikes out. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

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The capacitor will absorb most of the high voltage transients occuring doing switching of the load.

2n3055 flyback driver

October 12, at July 6, at These are determined by Core properties and winding resistance and number of turns. July 15, at Hi neukyhm The capacitor will absorb high voltage spikes that could come from inductive kick back from the transformer.

Hey NT I also tried with a MJE transistor, many years ago, but if I remember correct I had the same issues, I think it has to do with the internal construction of the MJE that have a much higher voltage rating than the 2N and it has been seen they are harder 2n30555 drive in self resonant circuits without a designated driver.


I’ve been thinking of buying an oscilloscope Keep in mind that the transistor is failing not when I disconnect power but when I increase it above 3 A or so. Sign up using Facebook. Perhaps some added capacitance on the output of the power supply could even gooble spikes out.

What determines the appropriate capacitance and voltage rating?

flyback drivers – boydlabs

Tony EE rocketscientist Read this document about safety! Post as a guest Name. Observe all device spec limits to avoid failure. It was a fairly small one, though Hey Austin As you say yourself, the direction of the winding, or as its called the phasing of the feedback coil could be opposit of the primary coil and thus be driving it degrees out of phase, try to switch the feedback connections around.

July 16, at I experimented with voltages between 12 to 17 VDC, there is no incredible performance with higher voltage compared to the amount of heating the higher voltage generates. Pictures and illustrations are copyrighted and written permit is needed for commercial use.

To actually use it, you need to be below that temperature by a large margin. The best way is to use a defined 2n30555 of spheres, knowing the air pressure and humidity and measure the spark length between them, this way it properly the easiest and most accurate way for amateurs to measure high voltage with out expensive equipment.

July 7, at The circuit flbyack pulls around 3A at 12V. I highly reccomend building this driver first, to familiarise your self with the suprises of HV.


November 17, at My power sources include a dying 9v battery, a Li ion, and a high current laptop charger 18v, 4. The small TO transistor must be efficiently heat-sinked — yet is does not appear to warm up at 5 amps and 18v.

You may get shown videos of 2ns TIP35Cs flgback in this configuration, but if their transformer is a bit soggier, or their transistor is a bit more robust, theirs could work OK, and yours fail. The transistor heats up to scorching temperatures within minutes despite the fan.

2n flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

Now for the capacitor, the 0. When you operate a flyback, the rise in collector voltage is determined by the energy stored in the primary inductance, and the capacitive load connected to it.

Saattvik December 25, at 2j3055 Ram This is a low current high voltage flybakc supply, what kind of lamp do you want to supply from such a high voltage? Transistor SOA is well under the limits TonyStewart ; what could be the other reasons except for that?