Scrolling Using the scroll sensor allows you to navigate vertically. In this case, if passwords supervisor, user, or both are set, the passwords must first be cleared BEFORE removing the application. User settings allow users to customize OmniPass to suit their individual preferences. Pre-logon Tablet PC Button Functions When you press the [Fn] button then press and release the [Page Up] button, each press of the button will act as if you had pressed the [Escape] key. Internal hard drive was continued not detected. Your Flexible Bay will have one of the following devices installed.

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This manual also for: Data stored in this way cannot be changed by your Tablet PC and does not require power to maintain it. Page 23 Headphone Jack The headphone jack allows you to connect headphones.


Lithium ion Battery Bay The battery bay contains the internal Lithium ion battery. Once the Windows user is created, you can add that user to OmniPass using the same username and password Cannot add Windows users to OmniPass If you experience difficulties adding a Windows user to OmniPass, you may need to adjust your local security settings. Pressing the [Fn] button twice in succession causes the Fujitsu Menu Utility to appear on your screen, allowing you to modify certain system settings.

The convertible design of your Tablet PC allows you to open the display fully, rotate it in either direction degrees, and lay it face up on the keyboard. Page 21 Scroll Sensors The scroll sensors are used to navigate through pages quickly and easily. You will see the Manage Passwords interface, with a list of friendly names. We strongly recommend that you read it before using your Tablet PC — even if you are already familiar with notebook computers. The FDU icon should appear in the system tray at the bottom right of your screen roll the cursor over the icons to find the correct one.


Stereo audio A system using two channels to process sound from two different sources.

Scrolling; Touchpad Control Adjustment – Fujitsu Lifebook T User Manual [Page 45]

Double-clicking the Display Dragging Dragging means moving an item with the stylus by touching the screen, moving and then lifting the stylus. Set the operating source by pressing the [ESC] key while the Fujitsu logo is on screen or use the [F2] key and enter the setup utility and adjust the source settings from the Boot menu.

There is no battery installed. Data entering and leaving your Tablet PC in electronic form. Driver A computer program which converts application and operating system commands to external devices into the exact form required by a specific brand and model of device in order to produce the desired zcroll from that particular equipment.

Fujitsu Lifebook T5010 User Manual

The keys perform all the standard functions of a key keyboard, including the Windows keys and other special function keys. The 4-pin port allows you to connect digital devices that are compliant with IEEE standard.

Security is set to protect access to floppy disk data. Specifications of particular configurations will vary. Repairs to telecommunication equipment should be made by a Canadian authorized maintenance facility.


Push the connector into the jack until it is seated. During initial user enrollment, you will be prompted to select the finger you wish to enroll.

Fujitsu Lifebook T1010 User Manual: Scrolling; Touchpad Control Adjustment

You should refer to your software documentation to find out how these keys are used. Page 12 Introducing the Fingerprint Sensor Device Page If your Tablet PC will not boot after it has fujitus out, call your support representative.

If your home has specially wired alarm equipment connected to the telephone line, ensure the installation of this computer does not disable your alarm equipment. Double-clicking48 Double-Clicking To double-click, touch the item twice, and then immediately remove the stylus tip. Page Repairs to zensor equipment should be made by a Canadian authorized maintenance facility. Problem Possible Cause The display has bright or If the spots are numerous or dark spots.

Double-Clicking To double-click, touch the item twice, and then immediately remove the stylus tip. Disk A spinning platter of scdoll data storage media. You will find a description of common causes for that symptom under the column T50010 Cause and what, if anything, you can do to correct the condition under Possible Solutions.

Chapters Table Of Contents This type of communication uses an access point.