Furthermore, the products are quiet and ozone-free. First Copy Output Time: By adopting the IH belt containing an electromagnetic induction heating layer several microns thick and using a configuration that increases heating efficiency, we achieved a three-second startup time. With these new technologies, we have reduced energy consumption to 2. Sales begin on January

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For these products, we have applied our technologies to reduce power consumption during product use, as well as CO 2 emissions during the product manufacturing process.

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The noise level is less than the level of background noise in an office. While the printer is fuii deep sleep mode, power consumption is only 4 W or less. Encrypts data when storing to hard disk optional.

The products are also designed so that parts can be reused and recycled. In addition, the printer has two power-saving modes of different levels.

Higher intelligence and an augmented lineup of black and white models August 25, The linkage between the energy-saving digital color multifunctional device and the software that promotes the digitization of printed xfrox was highly evaluated.

We have reduced cuji power consumption of the products during sleep mode to 2 W or less Note1 by incorporating our newly developed “energy-saving controller” technology. Saves data to PCs or servers and sends e-mail concurrently with fax transmission.

By incorporating this printhead, the motor used to rotate a polygon mirror is no longer necessary, and thus can be eliminated. By converting the reduction in product weight to CO 2 emissions, Note2 the reduction in product weight is equivalent to reducing 3, kg of CO 2 emissions per unit.


Accolades Received at the Energy Conservation Grand Prize and the Eco-Products Awards

True 1, dpi for color printing. We have been striving to solve environmental problems as a whole by considering the environmental impact of not only when our products are being used in offices but also when the toner is manufactured.

And because users can save paper by using the duplex copying and printing functions not only in monochrome but also in full color, the products also help to prevent deforestation while reducing CO 2 emissions. In addition, the use of a light-emitting diode LED printhead has produced even further reductions in noise levels. In order to cut CO docucejtre emissions in the manufacturing process, we used biomass plastic for the drum covers.

Fuji Xerox Co. DocuCentre Color a450 Free Driver Download (Official)

The a4550 time has been reduced to 14 seconds. Once the printer receives print data, each part instantly starts up and the printer becomes ready within 45 seconds. Reads documents at 50 ppm A4 long-edge feed.

Note7 Based on an evaluation comparing the power consumption of a Fuji Xerox model with the transition time from standby mode to sleep mode extended to one hour, and that of the eight models with the default settings for sleep mode transition time. In developing the printer, we applied our computational fluid dynamics technology to design the airflow inside the machine in order to improve the efficiency of air exhaustion. This, combined with induction heating IH fusing clorwhich reduces the fyji taken to recover from sleep mode, has made possible a significant overall reduction in device a4450 time.

Moreover, the electricity management hardware incorporated into previous devices to improve responsiveness from a network was integrated into a single chip SoC: Besides the scanner function, Document Combo has an optional high-speed image compression Note2 feature that operates through a volor developed processor.


By incorporating the low-power-consuming fusing unit Quick Fuserwe reduced the warm-up time to 14 seconds and shortened the time from the start to end of printing to 10 seconds. DocuPrint C We have applied various energy-saving technologies to the DocuPrint C, our flagship compact color printer.

docucfntre Equipped with copier, printer, fax and scanner functions. The award-winning products provide customers with a “virtually zero waiting fujo experience when recovering from sleep mode by integrating three technologies unique to Fuji Xerox: The warm-up time has marked at less than one minute, the world’s fastest warm-up time for a color device.

Furthermore, the products are quiet and ozone-free. Note1 With these technologies, the fusing unit is quickly heated to fusing temperature without preheating.

Power consumption during sleep mode is 5 W. Data can be constantly overwritten and erased, or erased at once when specified. Fuji Xerox thus became the first company to develop biomass plastic for use in movable parts. Efficient distribution of e-mail and fax by registering routine jobs as job flows up to to the box function. The award-winning products are equipped with Smart WelcomEyes Advance 2 – technology that enables a multifunction device to detect whether a user intends to interact with it and automatically wake from sleep mode accordingly.