If you need more than 8 MB to write a CD at a speed less than 20x from an image on a local file system on an idle machine, your machine is either underpowered, has hardware prob- lems or is mis-configured. These driver entries are designed to make timing tests at any speed or timing tests for drives that do not sup- port the -dummy option. There are two special driver entries in the list: If the actual drive does not support to read the ATIP info, it may be that only a reduced set of information records or even nothing is displayed. The XA sector sub headers are part of the user data and have to be supplied by the application that prepares the data to be written. This is an experimental interface.

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Csrecord XA sector sub-headers will be created by the drive. The minimal size of a track is 4 seconds or sectors. Opdn drives create error messages if you try to get the multi- session info for a disk that is not suitable for this operation.

Note that the verbose output of cdrecord will show you if swap- ping is necessary to make the byte order of the input data fit the required byte order of the recorder.

cdrecord problem

To get data in a format suitable for this option use cdrecord -vv -toc to extract the information from disk. The minimal size of a track is 4 seconds or sectors.


This is at least one page of memory. Scsibustarget and lun are integer numbers.

The specified layer-break value must not freebsc set to less than half of the recorded data size and must not be set to more than the remaining Layer 0 size of the medium. The XA sector sub headers will be created by the drive. The parameter is the title for a track or for the disk.

Cdrecord assumes that the file in this case is a Sun audio file or a Microsoft. A Compact Disc can have no more than 99 tracks. Val- ues below 3 seconds are not allowed in order to prevent the vol- ume management from interrupting the write process.

A typical line may look this way: You only need the -swab flag if cdrecorc data stream is in Intel little-endian byte order.

– sysutils/k3b: Missing multiple run dependencies, issuing invalid cdrecord command

Cdrecord cannot tell you if there is an DMA residual count. A Philips CDD that has not been upgraded will not work.

Note that this forces cdrecord to create a pipe to cannto rsh 1 program and disallows cdrecord to directly access the network socket to the remote server. If your CPU is too slow, this may result in buffer underruns. This may be used to create an audio disk in steps.

Plextor, Ricoh and Yamaha allow to force the drive to use the selected speed even if the medium is so bad that the write quality would be poor. The mail address of the list is: In order to allow remote access cdrecordd a specific hostthe rscsi 1 program needs to be present and configured on the host.


The audio data is read from stdin in this case.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

This option currently only makes sense with the TEAC drive when creating track-at-once disks without the 2-second silence before each track. If the image scso the next track is stored in a regular file, the size of that file is taken to determine the length of this track.

To give all user access to use cdrecord, enter: This is an experimental interface. Note that if you use uwe on a track that contains Sparc boot information, the boot information will be lost.

cdrecord problem

The number representing the size is taken in bytes unless otherwise specified. Pos- sible syntax is: Use only for recording of multi session CDs. Valid values are little and big. The audio data pad- ding is done with binary zeroes which is equal to absolute silence.