Fax unit locking up the copier or not recognized. Press the yellow panel Reset key and the copier should be at the customer’s default settings. Replace HV1 and possibly all four IUs. There are two serial number labels on the back of the printer. No other settings are needed; these settings will automatically produce a folded and stapled copy of the original booklet. Check for voltages from PU1.

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Verify the operation of the SL1 Turnover Solenoid.

Bizhub C Troubleshooting Guide – [PDF Document]

Solution The [[Web JetAdmin tool versions 7. All programmed addresses will be cleared.

Solution To print envelopes from Microsoft Word using the Letters and Mailings feature, perform the following: If the hopper is cleared before 20 counts, the counter starts over. And no i don’t mean install options.

Due to a loss of 2nd Transfer Roller cleaning bias. Select [User’s Choice 2] and the 2 of 3 tab. Ensure that all contact points between main body and fuser unit are properly positioned. In the print driver set up dialog box, click the Job Management tab. Enter Security mode Stop, 9 3. Perform the following steps: Confirm that the Result is OK]. The reason that some colors or densities in a scan may not look correct when viewed in an application or printed is that they are not color managed when being scanned.


From the list of locked jobs, select the job to be unlocked.

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On the Drivers tab, click the printer driver to delete, and then click Remove. Remove the lower rear cover 7 screws. Not printing to a host name with DHCP. All such support shall be provided through User’s own resources.

The developer in the imaging unit has shifted to one end during shipping or storage. Possible corrupt sector on ffiery hard drive. Is a coin vendor connected to the machine?

EFI Windows Driver Downloads

Insert a suitable object into the hole fifry actuate the reset switch on PWB-S1. Press Stop, 0, 0, Stop, 0, and 1. Is an HDD installed in the machine? On a web browser enter the Admin mode, Network, E-mail, Send, change settings in this page.

Press Counter List 3. Incorrect procedure being using when manual duplexing print jobs onto thick paper. An engine firmware bug with the C Environmental conditions such as low humidity or high altitudes. The switchback section is only used in the single-sided mode. Load the envelope paper into the bypass tray.


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To view or scan to email from the One Touch that you just created at the machine perform the following. From the printer’s folder, right click the print driver and select properties. Alternatively, the customer can print with a common driver to both printers.

Touch the [Store] key.