From this page, you can make the following selections: You can set the autoloader to one of the following control modes: Continuously Cycling an Axis To test a robot axis: Figure Remote management utility — Maintenance page From the Maintenance page, you can make the following selections: Caution Do not attempt to perform autoloader operations or power down the autoloader until after it automatically resets.

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Power off the host computer and any peripheral devices on the SCSI buses. The screen displays the code version, similar to the example below. Before pressing the unload button, make sure the tape drive is not communicating across the SCSI bus.

The L offers the flexibility to upgrade to next-generation tape drives as capacities and system performance rates increase by simply replacing the tape drive. In the example below, the tape drive D is set to 01 and the autoloader L is set to It also provides autoloader specifications.

Click on Clean a tape drive. Ensure that the work area is free from conditions that could cause electrostatic discharge ESD. For the specific details of your warranty, refer to your sales contract or contact the company from which the autoloader was purchased. Refer to the information provided with your LTO Ultrium cleaning cartridge to determine how many cleaning cycles it contains. Scan Retry Rate The percentage of scans that required retries. See page 30 for information about SCSI parity checking.


Use the correct power cord for your location. Table Using the Loop option to control cartridge processing during sequential operation If Loop is This item and the information contained herein are the property of Exabyte Corporation.

Exabyte L Plus – tape autoloader – LTO Ultrium – SCSI Overview – CNET

To create a diagnostic listing via Console: If you cannot resolve the problem yourself, contact Exabyte Technical Support see exabyye iv. Figure Remote management utility — Network Interface Configuration page 5. Click on Reset the library. Click on the radio button next to Door. The range is 0 the most recent event through To display additional screens, press the down arrow.

Exabyte 110L tape autoloader – LTO Ultrium – SCSI Series

Obtain new firmware for the autoloader. You can use this screen to monitor autoloader activities. If the autoloader did not power on as described above, check the following: Using touch-up paint on the housing.


Bay 1 Occupied A tape drive is installed in the drive bay 1 or the drive bay is empty 0.

Retrospect: Storage Devices > Exabyte L Autoloader

If you change the Max Addressable Slot option see page 40the location of the cleaning slot changes. Storage by Rick Broida Oct 24, Make sure the write-protect switch on each cartridge is set for the desired operation. Use the Clean Drive option described in this exabyts and a cleaning cartridge stored in the autoloader to clean the drive when the autoloader or exabyyte notifies you to do so.

Click on the Reset Tape Drive button. Total Storage Capacity Native. To set parity checking: Do not allow the temperature and humidity in the storage environment to fluctuate. The Command Menu provides options for performing specific robot movements.