A general rule is that the further away from Sapphire you are, the higher the Tech-Level. That’s why it’s only mentioned as a rumour. You just have to keep trying but hostile hidden systems planets would be the best bet! Log In Sign Up. I’m hoping for a black hole or some other way back to a home system. I went to the Atlas quadrant, it doesn’t have it.

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So I have been manufacturing and selling the think like mad, and now I have a ship with mercenaty cargo bays and 8 equipment bays! A general rule is that the further away from Sapphire you are, the higher the Tech-Level.

I stopped, turned, an lo! I’m almost to Sierra, and then taking the gates back to RiftSpace, Vonarion, Andromeda and go check it out again!!!

Evochron Mercenary FAQ/Strategy Guide for PC by guile_ – GameFAQs

Users browsing this forum: The links you’ve provided are very useful, thank you very much. Sign up for free! I’d like to surround my Trade Station with some other buildings.

Angle and hue of light from the nearest star has changed from 45 degrees and white to degrees straight ahead and redish. I’ve got mine from one of the hidden planets.


Military ships do significantly better in combat, even fairly low level ships. No more Space Turtle TM wings though: They speed the rate you mine at. Submit a new text post.


I only checked one of the coordinates so far, and it maantis a container full of missiles and water? It should be safe so you don’t have to be back exactly when your ship arrives. Would you recommend this Guide? It taps into your weapon system and uses the energy to regenerate your shields fast when you get hit. Upgrade your cargo bays to 5.

I estimate my flight time to be about hours, plus another 2. I would recommend starting with one of two options: Hope this helps a bit.

StarWraith 3D Games Forum • View topic – Where to buy a mantis drive?

A Talon has much less assembly, so the best you could do if you wanted level 10 shields would be level 1 of everything else and no cargo bays.

Since the mantis drive is in a hidden planet in pearl, how do I buy the mantis drive safely without getting shot by the hostle ships? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Buy a Mantis Drive. I’m having all kinds of trouble trying to figure out where to find the Mantis drive.


Keep me logged in on this device. Yeah I’m not sure how ‘rare’ they actually are, I just assumed so from the description.

It has the fastest repair rate. I did not come across the wreck! You end up spending way less time maneuvering to docking ports and the like doing it this way.

Please evocron me where to find the Mantis drive. You may have to save and reload a few times before it shows up for sale. Agility — This determines how fast you can turn. Last edited by TovarishComrade ; Aug 25, 3: It is a precision instrument and a pretty good one at that.