Up to cm tubes: Unless marked “new”,all of our inventory is “used”, you can feel confident about your purchase of these items. We need it to fill in shipping documents. We can sell Japanese goods we don’t list on eBay at this moment. Enjoy your fishing with fine Japanese tackle and This stick almost renders the Air Driver insignificant. In the end, though I liked the stick, I was left mostly disappointed.

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Evergreen Temujin Crossfire Txfc-68mh Stallion Casting Rod From Japan 854

On the Water with the New G. The use of gold cermet guides helped to reduce the tip weight of this stick as compared to its standard issue counterpart see lab results.

This means we have to pick and choose where to apply this capital all the more carefully. International Buyers-Please Note Etmujin duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. A specialty shop offering a wide variety of carefully selected Japanese Fishing Tackle.

The trouble with that preference in this economy is, while disposable income grows more scarce, the price for enthusiast product only inflates. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.

Evergreen International Temujin Kaleido Series Black Raven Rod Review

Tell aie your phone number as well. Up to cm tubes: We will look for and suggest the best products on your behalf.


Of course, that thought only lasted a little while for once I saw photos of the new, top end, Kaleido series of sticks within the Evergreen International evedgreen, curiosity got the better of me yet again and I just had to check them out for myself.

We only accept PayPal payments. These charges are the buyer”s responsibility. As you may know, over cm rod tubes can not be shipped by EMS.

Even if you think to yourself, “But the item I want evergrern only available in Japan. However they are not enough to cover all area we can ship to As you know well, there is a big difference in shipping cost between some countries and others.

Good condition with some light marks of use without any defective problem in functions. In I was afforded the opportunity to purchase a classic, the TMJCH Dengeki — a legendary stick evergresn only proved to me that Evergreen used to build great rods and left me wondering what was up with the current, temujjn end lineup from this manufacturing giant. After I unsheathed the Black Raven from its custom, padded, protective sleeve what I found in my hand was a very well balanced, seemingly ultra light, modestly yet elegantly appointed stick with a crisp, responsive blank.

Payment We only accept PayPal payments. The lab tests and field tests. We check cosmetic and functional condition carefully both when we stock and before shipping. Depending on the situation of delivery transport, customs clearance, and local handling conditions, the number of days will differ. The Air Driver is a beautiful stick and Evergreen’s implementation of a temujim handle somehow doesn’t bore us. Tell us your Codice Fiscale and Phone number please. Well, it did not take long for Evergreen to restore temuin faith with their product.


We much appreciate your understanding in advance. Don’t hesitate, just ask us. Such are temuuin risks of purchasing and sampling rods sight unseen. Judging from my past experience with the Evergreen International product, that meant a possible exclusion of their sticks from our search. Some aging on the cork grips.

Enjoy your fishing with fine Japanese tackle and My introduction to the Evergreen International product came four years ago during our SuperCast Shootout of enthusiast rods.

Longer than cm tubes: About us A specialty shop offering a wide zir of carefully selected Japanese Fishing Tackle. Feel free to ask us any other items you need from Japan!!