Alien Grey Member Dec 30, Handheld PCs are not common machines, some of them uses Windows CE and of course every beetle-based libretro core is a little too much because they accuracy nature, just try to run beetle-psx or higan cores on an modest android phone instead of PCSX reARMed or Snes9X and see what happens. The Mega quota has been reached. Self posts should provide scope for wider, interesting discussion. You must log in or register to reply here. Guide by Dark Watcher.

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P.E.Op.S. Soft Driver Refresh

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PSX Plugins: S Soft GPU | The Emulation64 Network

You must log in or register to reply here. Whether this is the right plugin for you really depends on two things, how you want the game to look and what sort of hardware osft playing it on. Joined Apr 28, Messages 1, Reactions 8 Points Log in or sign up in seconds.


Hotel Dusk – Room Guide by Dark Watcher. Guide by Dark Watcher Views: All i can tell is: All off-topic posts will be removed. S Soft is highly compatible graphics plugin. Send the moderators a message if you’d like a user flair reflecting that.

S. Soft Driver Refresh | Next Generation Emulation Forum

Once you have it selected hit the “configure” button. I’m using Intel HD Graphics so it’s already using the system memory so I shouldn’t see any difference.

I’d imagine not tried yet that when switching disks it could be a hassle since the mouse cursor is invisible. I hate to do this but can someone explain this.

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Joined May 16, Messages 3, Reactions 0 Points S Soft Plugin currently based on v1. I still wont recommend epsxe wpsxe that chore, epsxe is all about hacks and i really hate plugins. So if you need some more speed it is probably best to set it to 16bit color.


Thanks mane I was looking into setting this up but didn’t know if it was worth the time since I have to reorganize my files but it seems epsxxe simple. Guide by Dark Watcher Views: Fullscreen Mode – Select fullscreen mode if you would like to play your games fullscreen. Please follow reddiquette guidelines. Sofr Configuration Screen This is the main screen that has all the options that epsxf need to configure the plugin to your needs.

S Soft into your emulators plugin directory, open the emulator you are using and select “Config” Reference the emulator configuration guides at this site for more info. I just checked it and it makes no difference.

Joined Dec 30, Messages 42 Reactions 0 Points 8. Alien Grey Member Dec 30, I did use the system memory option to disable bilinear filtering with 16 and 15 bit Backbuffer. I’m using Windows 10 X64 Anniversary Update.