I finally got the answer I expected. The direction show the heat pipe going on the other side. Mon Nov 08, 1: A better location, particularly for the pin ATX connector, would have been the upper right edge of the board. The only exception is the audio connectors, which are in a much more reasonable spot between the AGP and first PCI slot.

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Sun Nov 07, 7: Thermalright’s site confirms this: But how in the fuck am I gonna use my Corsair memory?

Jan 28, Posts: Sat Nov 06, I’m not sure what the issue is. That row of caps would need a lot of bending, too much.

Review: EPoX 9NDA3 S nForce3 Ultra – Mainboard –

The basic layout of the Epox is generally excellent, with some standout elements and a few glaring layout faults. After a couple of e-mail messages back and forth with a tech guy who obviously didn’t speak English as his primary language, I learned that all nForce 3 Ultra mobos must have memory in DIMM 1 to boot.

I finally got the answer I expected. This location requires snaking the bulky pin ATX connector over the CPU in many case designs, and it just isn’t the best location for good airflow in most cases. Remove the ‘spreaders and don’t overvolt.

EPoX 9NDA3+ Socket 939 (nForce3 Ultra) Motherboard Review

I’d rather take a dremel or file to the HS if it’s just the fins. Assuming I’m up shit creek without a paddle, can anyone recommend me some good RAM that doesn’t have spreaders?


VERY tight squeeze So, the system boots, with 99nda3 sub 30 cpu temps. Since many users no longer even use a floppy drive, this may not matter, but if a floppy drive is still part of your build, this location will be a challenge in some cases.

EPoX is one of those companies that the general public does not know, but is known especially among the professional hardware audience. This situation is gonna be a bit expensive to correct unless there is a way to boot with no memory in DIMM 1 or someone wants to help a bro out and swap some good heatspreader-less memory for my trusty Corsair.

GeForce RTX official branding leaked to network updated. You know that they are Epox from the motherboard color, but it is not a color that is particularly attractive in an open-case design.

My Happy Place Registered: So, if you need to use an audio cable with your optical drives, the mid-board location will work for most audio cables. I tried mounting it the other direction 9nd3a it is certainly not possible.

Motherboard layouts vary significantly from board to board.

Secret to booting with no RAM in DIMM 1? (Epox 9NDA3+)

If you look at this 9jda3 of the heat sink as mounted on the ASUS board there appears to be plenty of room. The CPU socket is in the top center of the board. Try HWzone in English. Has this improved anything for anyone?


Epox 9NDA3+: A New Socket

It means that the 5 PCI slots are epoz usable with most video cards. Is removing the spreaders difficult? BTW – I’ve tested the Corsair numerous times and it is flawless. Therefore, we should examine whether the new boards bearing the name of the company will continue this tradition of excellence or whether EPoX was swallowed up by the multitude of mediocrity.

Is it likely that a BIOS update will take care of this? It seems that EPoX has reached economic maturity and is trying to gain from the status it has earned thanks to 9nd3 previous boards.

Sun Nov 07, The EPoX panels are easy to identify because the panel manufacturer has maintained the same design over the years – the EPoX panels are among the least beautiful ones to be found, and while other manufacturers combine 9dna3 colors and lighted cooling bodies, EPoX actually maintains a minimalistic design which has become a hallmark its.