Jun 15, Messages: Was this review helpful to you? I really did cry.. Views Read Edit View history. Jan 16, Messages: I loved this episode!

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Click on the “clip” links. However, he regretted that Wright “doesn’t get anything as juicy for herself”, although admitting “this choice doesn’t lessen the impact any as the show says goodbye to a familiar face” [1].

DarkNoise Grotesque Butchery Rabbit. RedKef Cos 8x -Cos 8x. Well they encourage all complete cooperation, Send you roses when they think you need to smile. However, Carla Espinosa tells everyone that Laverne could still pull through. He stated “All and all, a good, solid episode and a nice good-bye to Laverne, one of the unsung players on this program.

He praised the character’s farewells, especially from Elliot, Carla and the Janitor, and also J. New life, someone passing.


So give them blood, blood, blood. Jun 15, Messages: Jordan becomes suspicious because no one has come to congratulate her other than J. Early reports stated that Aloma Wright would return as Laverne’s alcoholic twin sister.


Search for ” My Long Epispde ” on Amazon. Highest Rated TV Episodes. In deep denialCarla hallucinates that she sees Laverne’s spirit following her around and talking to her. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Use the HTML below.

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Elliot Scrkbs Donald Faison I just don’t get this reason Laverne. Jan 16, Messages: That scene with the little kid in it; that’s my future son Actually, Bob, out of respect for Laverne, no.

Right about now, I’m going to be entering my imaginary, soundproof glass bubble. Carla, in the end, learns from Laverne’s spirit that she must say goodbye to the people she cares for before she loses her chance, and says her own tearful goodbye to Laverne.

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Bob Kelso John C. Grab a glass because there’s going to be a flood!


My Long Goodbye 05 Apr 9. D is the only one who knows about the birth and is obsessed with becoming the baby’s godfather. Jill Tracy Aloma Wright Goofs When Turk falls off of the back of JD’s scooter while playing “mailbox baseball”, the camera pans down showing Turk lying on the ground, but you can see his face which is clearly a stunt man and not Turk.

My Long Goodbye

So give them blood, blood, gallons of the stuff! I love that Jordan called her baby Jennifer Dylan: It was shallow scrybs mostly unfunny. The title of the episode refers to Carla Espinosa ‘s Judy Reyes difficulty in saying goodbye to Laverne, ghostly visions of whom appear to Carla to encourage her in this endeavor.