Most importantly I guess: If you wish to see the problem then visit here http: I’ve done some simple testing on tongue depressors, thin acrylic sheet, paper, cardboard, a banana, and a tortilla: Good point about something like the PSU dying soon, maybe i’ll call epilog, but i’m leaning towards this being more trouble then it’s worth. This is an update and a message for alec01 who seems to be suffering the same problem. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.

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Now I appreciate that this may be an old post and that luckily for you you found an alternative. I’ve done some simple testing on tongue depressors, thin acrylic sheet, paper, cardboard, a banana, and a tortilla: I looked at a Triumph TRH and it looks like it’s not well engineered or well built.

I saw your web site and you have some fine miniature grandfather clocks. I tried one time with PC Relocator but couldn’t get it to work. Then spent a couple of hours futzing around with the alignment.

Summit Tech Specs

It came with a PC running Windows98 and CorelDraw, also a rotary attachment, all for a very fair price ; Compared to the less expensive machines on EBay, this thing is built like a tank; looks like I found a different “low road”! It does have serial ports and a modem, plus 3. For now, a colleague is lending me a USB floppy drive for my Mac so I can just use the old sneakernet: Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab.


What I’d really like to hear about is their software?

I work so many hours that the only time I have to do the vector programming is in the winter time. Is this your first machine? Do use the laser to cut those too?

I’ve always wanted to get into laser cutting, but I know this is an old machine, although I also know epilog is well respected.

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looking for Epilog Summit owner’s manual

Looking forward to using the rotary attachment– I can’t figure out where to plug in the Molex connector: Have been using it hours a day seven days a dpilog vector cutting since I bought it and believe the machine is of good quality with good customer support. Everything else including the miniature grandfather clock was done with a scroll saw I may well be replacing the controller with a proper one and hooking up banned. The Summit is a model vs.

Is this worth it? More depressingly there is no attempt at customer service – denial that any problem exists is more like it.

Epilog Summit model 2000/25a

Sign in for more lists. This laser has been for the most part reliable and the company came through for me when I did have a problem, however since it was a summiy model I have no way of knowing how it performed out of the box.


Have not needed to, it’s that well built. Anyone have experiece with an Epilog Summit?

Back to home page Return to top. This would be used primarily for my own projects and experiments, but I would likely offer some services like “tech tattoos” if I can get something working reliably. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

To be fair when the machine was working it did the job – and the initial comments are perhaps eummit bit unfair – but my machine only had light use before the problem started. I did a strip-down and rebuild, cleaned all the optics, added proper spring returns to the mirror mounts I have some “real” mirror mounts down in the basement that fell of the back of a laser harp – I might therefore be replacing them. Add to watch list Add to wish list. Epilog Summit from a sign company.