Sat Dec 29, Retrieved 24 September Band submissions are open again. It’s time to move on. Possibly tonight at the same time, but I’m having trouble confirming this with our host hence the late warning, sorry about that. Despite the ability to bypass this image just by clicking on it, many people took the prank seriously and thought that Metal Archives had actually been shut down for promoting internet piracy.

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Diamhea had a stellar work ethic here.

On 1 Januarythe site announced that bands with entirely digital discographies could now be submitted to enyclopaedia Archives, changing the site’s decade-long policy of physical releases only. Safe to say, no other resource comes close to being as thorough and comprehensive.

Upcoming albums

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. To reiterate, a digital album, in order to be listed in the discography section, must be or must have been available for encycloopaedia, public, official download at some point.

December 30th Kalibos 25 Years “In the In turn, we will endeavour to better assess a project’s apparent level of dedication, professionalism and distribution effort by way of teamwork and discussion between mods. Retrieved 24 September Metalllum Metallum attempts to provide comprehensive information on each band, such as a discography, logos, pictures, lyrics, line-ups, biography, trivia and user-submitted reviews.


Encyclopaedia Metallum – Wikipedia

The relevant rules encyclolaedia should be updated soon with more details and pointers to reflect this change in policy. Comment on the reviews posted on the site, or request ones you’d like people to write. Views Read Edit View history. Looking forward to your participation!

Total posts Total topics Total members Our newest member Asbu. Later the same day another announcement was made that the staff had changed their minds by bringing back the reviews as well as having every future review accepted automatically.

Here’s to anotherbands and more!. Sat Dec 29, The challenge is named in memory of our friend Diamheaa long-time contributor to this challenge and staff member here at Metal Archives, who sadly passed away on May 21, Retrieved April 6, One Path to the Inthe staff members announced that they would now produce articles commentating on the metal encuclopaedia, and proceeded to post tabloid and gossip articles on the site.

Fri Dec 28, 1: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wed Dec 26, 4: I can’t think of a better way to honour him, than to recognize how much we valued him as our friend and as a member of our team. To clarify, for bands already listed, upcoming albums can be added with the usual caveats cover art, full tracklist and confirmed release datebut for potential submissions, the eligible album’s release date must align with “MA time”.


A number of users keep adding streaming-only digital releases. He was the first and remains the only person to have ever written reviews for a single challenge!

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Link It’s that time of the year Bands Labels Artists Reptilian December 29, The length aspect is going to be greatly deemphasised when it comes to eligible digital-only bands. Later that day, the website revealed that this was an April Fool’s prank, and wrote, “Band submissions are open again. Over the years, however, the length requirement has taken on an undue amount of significance and has essentially become the primary benchmark for bands, in many cases undermining the “spirit” behind its conception.

Inthe website announced that it was no longer accepting new band submissions, arguing, “We currently have overbands, more than we ever thought possible. Don’t worry, the Archives are not shutting down!