Rating, Elsa Gladiac 32MB: To get some basic numbers, I tested the Gladiac in three systems, with and without overclocking. I would have liked to see a slightly larger heat sink to go with the fan, but since core overclocking on GTS cards does not increase performance, it was not a big problem. In tests with the Celeron-2, the CPU is obviously the rate limiting factor in performance, since changing the resolution and color depth had little effect on Direct 3D performance. For comparative analyses the results of the following cards are used: Some people will find FSAA irritating due to the slight blurring that it introduces into the image.

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However, you shouldn’t expect the performance equal to an AGP card see our 3Digest. Wlsa there you have it the performance of a few of the currently available cards, as you can see the GeForce2 Ultra in green on the graph is only just behind the GeForce3, the GeForce2 MX is trailing in the higher resolutions.

But at higher resolutions and 32 bit color, the Gladiac starts to become the limiting factor, and you can see the performance differences between test systems become much smaller. The next thing I wanted to check was if the PIII optimizations would fare better with a higher clock speed. I used Coolbits, built-into the Detonator drivers, to do the overclocking.

I managed to get the Elsa up to Core and memory. I installed the newer 5.


When overclocking the memory on the Gladiac alone, up from MHz to MHz, the 3D Mark scores went from toor about four and a half percent xx Image quality was very good at the middle setting, but slight blurring was evident. Benchmarks were reduced significantly, but at lower resolutions the scores were still plenty good enough for gaming. Vulpine GL Mark is a free download from, http: As always I installed the graphics card along with a fresh install of Windows.

Review: Elsa Geforce 2 Ultra – Graphics –

Installation and drivers Test system: The image is sharp up to X at Hz. This is the benchmark everyone’s talking about this year, although again its got some GeForce3 only features, it give any graphics card a good workout. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Only memory overclocking had a significant effect on performance, and even then, the performance boost was marginal. The card has TwinView support, i. I would have liked to see a slightly larger heat sink to go with the fan, but since core overclocking on GTS cards does not increase performance, it was not a big problem.

There have been reports of Gladiac incompatibilities with certain systems. I think for most people, it will be a toss-up whether you prefer x with 32 bit color and no FSAA, or x with 16 bit color and mid-level FSAA. Directx 8 was also installed to run the Directx 8 benchmarks. I ran Unreal Tournament, and benchmarked with the Thunder Demo, all detail settings where on high in 32 bit running in D3D mode.


Please enable JavaScript to view the comments feforce2 by Disqus. As this is the first GeForce2 card that I’ve reviewed in a while it is somewhat tricky to decide, what I should use as a baseline. Pentium III based get-up: This suggests that the slider is more like an on-off switch than a slider.

So, today the tests will elza conducted for three GeForce2 MX based cards: Until gaming video cards had only the company’s own design.

ELSA GLADIAC GeForce2 GTS – graphics card – GF2 GTS – 64 MB

I ran 3DMark again with the card overclocked to show the gains that can be made, although not much, the extra performance is a free upgrade, which cant be bad O:. Samsung produces memory chips with 6 ns access time, which corresponds to MHz.

The difference from the first reviewed card is only in the DVI connector for digital monitors. The performance of all these cards is excellent and conforms to their level.

ELSA GLADIAC GeForce2 Ultra (AGP 4x, 64 MB)

Write a comment below. The benchmark takes quite a while to run, but it does run some pretty nifty graphics. The memory works exactly at this frequency.