If using Access Manager: In addition, on Windows 95 and 98 systems, the EnterNet Adapter will be bound to the operating system. How to do this? Although the article doesn’t mention it, the same behavior has also been seen on Millennium and Windows When installing on NT or Win, you need to have Administrator capability to bind the drivers to the network properties or to change the Service properties from the Control panel. EnterNet freezes or blue screens on NT shortly after authentication Error: Please do not contact Efficient Networks for help, we cannot help you get internet access after your software expires.

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Always contact Mycybernet when you’re having problems. Under “components tab”, double-click on the “internet tools” category. User Name or Password not entered correctly check for case-sensitive entries. How do I get my VPN client to work?

Carrick Solutions Limited – Windows PPPoE Software

Download this Registry file to your desktop. Users have reported two methods efvicient getting around this error: Either way is good. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning Broken Link Add the Internet Connection Sharing ICS software on your gateway machine the computer that will connect and share your internet connection to the client systems other computers.


The evaluation software that you downloaded expires after 30 days. It is only a 40kB download and I’ve been hearing good things about it. EnterNet watches for errors reported by the TCP component, and retries the operation using different procedural calls when they are returned. You should not need pp.p.o.e.adapter set the Default Gateway address.

For Windows Vista, the procedure is very similar: Views Read Edit View history. Since the point-to-point connection established has a MTU lower than that of standard P.p.p.o.e.adapterr typically vs Ethernet’sit can sometimes cause problems when Path MTU Discovery is defeated by poorly configured firewalls.

Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet – Wikipedia

During installation of software that makes changes to Windows network properties, the Windows operating system wants to copy files from the Windows installation CD that may already be present on your hard drive.

How do I buy a single license of EnterNet ? This release fixes a problem occurring with some Windows systems that are unable efficlent browse correctly upon connection. Dial-on-Demand can slow performance with frequent connections.

How to connect to Internet by using Windows XP built-in PPPoE Wizard with a modem at bridge mode

This is usually related to Windows NT or The above information does not work for everyone. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat SecuRemote changed the interface in version and will require a new version of EnterNet, currently undergoing beta test. For this to work, you need to have a valid WINS server address, as well as the means to establish a connection itnernet logging in. DSL modem or network connection may not be working.


When I am connected I see a message with the current date and time followed by “- AdminMsg: After installation is completeyou can log on with normal access. This EnterNet feature is called Dial on demand. Click the Connections tab.

The problem is that the PPPoE protocol requires the Enternet driver to respond to Echo heartbeat packets every minute. Most users that want this feature will be satisfied with the always-on feature by selecting these items from the Settings menu: You will be updated with new private addresses, by the gateway system.

If you receive errors, it’s because the uninstall information was removed by a previous install. The Mac on this same router does not have this problem.