Ben Heck unveils Xbox Elite Laptop. I have just bought this thing. I have scoured the net for anyone who has posted about IL2 and the headset and not found anything. If I was famous like The Ben I would have designed something like this, but maybe not with the mic. And can these be used for consoles? Well, I bought one, and am having it shipped up here to Canada. It aint just mine, Bcause I bought 2 and they both do the same thing.

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Plug in headset and go. I did recently overhaul a bunch of drivers and these issues seem somewhat resolved.

Will note back later with possible solutions, but so far, none but uninstalling the drivers. This time I bring good news. Learn how your comment data is processed. Anyone edimensionla any ideas that I can try? Aside from that, congradulations on your first product! I need this replacement!! I notified support of some issues that I have.

Good job like always! I first saw in this “back to school gadgets” article form Tom’s Hardware: Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. I believe this is virtually unavoidable, at least while keeping the price of the headset to a minimum.


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Auduofx got the windows 7 drivers. That basically means I’m alright with spending at most for a headset, but not more for something like the Sennheiser HD or whatever the models are that cost I would be stone-deaf in benjeck — so surely force feedback should work at any volume? I liked the style and colors, but it looks a lot more comfortable than it is.

This may be due to my levels?

I have had these headphones for a while now an I love them. The microphone has a constant hissss to it trying to talk in team speak. SteelSeries are a company with a reputation for making the very tip-top type of peripherals, but can the new Siberia headset convince us that a neckband style strap is the future for headset design?

I love your new product. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sound reproductions is edimensioanl the force feedback is really something to believe, however all is not perfect.

The Audio FX Pro 5+1 Headset | Web Portal for Benjamin J Heckendorn

Too many things to go wrong with wireless… Interferrence, batteries dying, two devices to break. Sonicboom, thanks for the feedback, glad it worked! The warranty has since passed and I now have an 80 dollar paper weight.


Not what I was expecting at first though….

EDimensional AudioFX Pro 5+1 By Ben Heck (Headset)

If not, can you make a mod for your own mod to make it work with the ? New cords can be put on at ANY time. So, when I found that Ben had edimenslonal closely with eDimensional to design what he considered to be the ultimate in gaming headsets, I was understandably interested and I took it upon myself to review the headset before anybody else had a chance to listen to them.

I kind of regret not working vacuum tubes into it, but oh well.

For the loudness issue, try adjusting the Wave output to a very low setting, it will make it quieter, allow for better adjustments to volume, and have better audio quality. I have just bought this thing.