The device is easily and quickly activated using a slide switch. Li-Pol rechargeable battery mAh. This is professional recording device designed for high-quality audio recording in compli Also shop in Also shop in. The recorder is operated with a push-button and can act as a flash-disc, which enables storing and transferring any data on it. It couldn’t be simpler to use!

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We advise a customer about the shipment by mkni on the next day after the shipment made. Because of the unique VAS feature, the Microdot Squared will not record when no sound is present so you save recording time.

We take great care packaging every item to ensure safe shipment to you. Every record made with the recorder is marked with the recording sdic time and date, and has a digital signature to define the device, which was used to make the record, and possible modification of the record file.

The future is coming!!!

Appreaciate the thinnest voice recorder of Edic Items, available for fast shipment, can be shipped via: Tiny series models have LED indicator,which indicates working modes of the device. We reserve the right to choose the most convenient for us transportation company, but if you have any preferences please let us know. We are happy to introduce digitaln audio recorder Edic-mini Tiny B73, the size of which amounted only 46x14x6 mm, with the weight of 7 grams.


Edic Mini Tiny

Products, available on the stock in USA, are shipped out on the next business day after prepayment receipt. Thinnest among the recorders of the Tiny series 56x26x4mmand ttiny weighs only 10 grams All necessary software located in memory of voice recorder! S78 has 2 solar cells! Having no moving parts, recorders is able to function within a wide range of temperatures, under strong vibration and dustiness.

The recorder is operated with a push-button and can act as a flash-disc, which enables storing and transferring any data on it. This is New Edic-mini Tiny B one timy the smallest voice recorders in the world with top-quality recording.

Convenient design allows to use the recorder as a key trinket, so as not to lose your miniature gadget in your pocket. Weight is only 7 grams! This voice recorders is used by special services.

Edic-mini Tiny A31 – digital mini voice recorder, Guinness Smallest digital voice recorder

The future is coming! When you stop recorder, only most new records will be in the memory! To upload the recorded data, use a shipped USB Adapter.

It couldn’t be simpler to use!

EDIC Mini Voice Recorder hour, Edic Mini Tiny Voice Recorders

Professional voice recorder Edic-mini Tiny16 A75 is the thinnest among the recorders of the Tiny16 series 77x27x4 mmand it weighs only 12 grams. Improving intelligibility of recordings, noise reduction, etc Built-in tips for easy operation.


Select or play back only the necessary fragments of entries that was made using the VAS, skipping parts of recording without a voice. This small voice recorder can work without recharging From dedicated stock in USA Shipment terms: You can leave it at home to know what happened there while you were away.

To playback your recording, simply plug your adapter to your computer. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

When downloading records to PC, the pause length can be either restored as silence or passed depending on the settings made. B73 is powered from one LR43 battery.

This digital recorder is so tiny, it has to be manufactured under a microscope. Usually we ship out your orders within a week after prepayment receipt.