Types of Signal 1. Parcel Lockers We deliver to parcel lockers around Australia. Can be used with any data source DyMap was constructed in such a way that it can be used with any non-Temperature Technology data, so long as the data fits the specific text file format required by Dymap. T-TEC software is being updated when needed. Modular Data Loggers A modular data logger is configurable and expandable through the use of plug-in modules. When the device is plugged in and detected by your operating system please manually choose a specific location for the driver then select the directory of your unzipped files. Mounting bracket and software included:

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Universal Data Logger – Digitech

Some data loggers are dedicated to a certain input type while others are programmable for different types of inputs. This is normally because they store data in internal memory which is limited. See More Data Loggers. To buy or register the software, contact your local distributor or ,ogger for your registration key. Data Logger Related Products.

Once registered, the software will display the name of the owner of the licence.

How are the Data Loggers Powered? QP A must for anyone involved with food preparation or storage. A must for anyone involved with food preparation, archiving or storage or applications where storage of environment information is important.


Data Logger with M12 Connector. Data loggers may be positioned in 2 or 3 dimensions. If digitsch sample rate was cut in half 1 sample per minutethe recording period would double to 7 days. For a graph with a large number of different colors, it may be necessary to increase the colour depth to 32 digitexh colours.

Data Loggers

Next working day Selected Metro Areas orders placed before 2: Miniature Single Input Data Loggers Miniature single input data loggers are generally low cost loggers dedicated to a specific input type.

These types of data loggers are often used in the transportation industry.

The advantage of data loggers is that they can operate independently of a computer, unlike many other types of data acquisition devices. T-TEC software will run under all Windows systems known to date: The recording duration is dependent on the memory capacity of the data logger and the desired sample rate.

Nowadays, wireless transmitters are also capable of turning a regular smart phone or tablets into a mobile data logger. Additional delivery time may result for some deliveries.

Data Logger Software

Therefore when specifying a data logger it is important to determine the sample rate and the sample duration which can be used to calculate the required memory. Types of Signal 1. Please contact us if you need to check whether Next Day delivery applies to your area Data loggers are available in various shapes and sizes.

Most instrument manufacturers, however, consider a data logger a dsta alone device that can read various types of electrical signals and store the data in internal memory for later download to a computer.


Humidity Data Logger – Digitech

The measurement interval is adjustable – you simply set up the recording parameters then download rigitech data when you need it. Your order can be delivered to anywhere throughout Australia by either standard road freight or premium express delivery. You simply set up the recording parameters you want with the included software then download the data when you need it.

The T-TEC software is available for free trial. Please allow extra time for delivery to western states. DyMap was constructed in such a way that it can be used with any non-Temperature Technology data, so long as the data fits the specific text file format required by Dymap.

Data is normally collected in non-volatile memory for later download to a computer. The sample rate depends on the specific model. The data transmission is performed via Bluetooth wireless technology to a smart phone or tablet with the app installed.

Contact the Techstore should you require more details.