All we did was set them up in Windows for the native resolutions, and had no problem with Avid There is no trick! These Dell wfp LCD monitors dfp up surprisingly little space on your desktop. Disconnect the device from your computer. This is provided for organizing your cables and avoiding clutter. HP Workstation xs,dual Xeon 3. Try the Automatic Driver Update Utility , or you can request a driver and we will find it for you.

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A glossy black belt 2208wpf along the sides, which matches the black rectangular base. As you may guess, because of the interpolation taking place for a resolution other than the native monitor resolution, the display of the timeline and bins and everything else text related in the Avid is fuzzy. Press Releases Dell Newsroom.

We change the nVidia display adapter to x Visit our Driver Support Page for helpful step-by-step videos. It has five face dell wfp to control input source 2208wfp, power, OSD menu, and brightness and contrast. Maybe the newer Nvidia drivers we’re 2208wfo I run the composer window on the 22in monitor at x without any aspect ratio problems. I finally ended up creating resolutions for display 2 only, since that is the display with the Composer video windows.

Review – Dell UltraSharp WFP | MWalker | Technology Cadre

All we did was set them up in Windows for the native resolutions, and had no problem with Avid There is no trick! To see more matches, use our custom de,l engine to find the exact driver.


The new budget year is coming up, so we decide to spend some of the last of this years budget for new matching monitors for the third Avid. Thanks for the suggestion about going back to the Avid supplied drivers.

Dell Ultrasharp WFP SFF AIO 22″ LCD – Microsoft Community

So, with display 1 at x 60Hz, I did the following for display 2: I took your advice about using the 22″ monitor on Display 1 at x32 bit color native resolution and restoring the 19″ monitor as Display 2 at x16 bit color in Dualview.

I have the same question 0.

Here are the steps we’ve tried to remedy this: I then made changes to display 1 and display 2 together. I’ve done this on 2 systems – older with Quadro and newer with Quadro without any problems, using the Avid Nvidia drivers currently XPro 5.

We then went into the nVidia “Custom Resolution” area and created three custom widescreen resolutions. The problems with no video playing in the Composer window Source and Record still persisted whenever using a resolution in Display 2 above x Capital for Entrepreneurs Dell for Entrepreneurs.

Review – Dell UltraSharp 2208WFP

Disconnect the device from your computer. Download the latest Dell WFP driver for your computer’s operating system. We also attempted to change the nVidia from Dualview to Horizontal Span.

This is a very long post, because I wanted to detail what Dll tried, as much as I could before someone suggested, “Well, did you try this” or “Did you try that? Maybe the drivers need to be updated? The Dell Dell wfp monitor also lets you adjust the panel to fit your optimal viewing position.


Dell Ultrasharp 2208WFP SFF AIO 22″ LCD

Rolled the driver back to the original driver Avid shipped. It gave us a good point to start at. It works, and 2208wp now, that will suffice for me.

Horizontal Span treats the display as one large horizontal desktop, so the resolution in the horizontal domain becomes twice the width of a normal display, but spread over two monitors. Motion video plays in the Composer window, but in the wrong aspect ratio.

When we play a clip in either the Source or Record monitors, the video freezes on the last frame displayed, then when the clip stops, the Source or Record monitor updates with the video frame where the clip is stopped.

Can only suggest re-installing Nvidia drivers. Two of the systems we purchesed at the same time with HP LT monitors 19″ with a native resolution of x 60Hz.