In the top window are two tabs – EAX and Speakers. You can also access another menu where you can activate bass redirection and AC-3 decoding, or adjust the volume of the middle channel, LFE and crossover. It also has network capacities as amazing as they are attractive. The Audigy 2 still had room for improvement, especially with stiffening competition from sound cards based on VIA’s most excellent Envy Now Creative has updated the Audigy2 with the Audigy2 ZS, but is it a rehash of an aging architecture, or is it a refinement of a good brand? The potential of the effects editor is pretty remarkable for a card designed for the general market.

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Game sounds were crisp and directional cues were perfectly placed.

Line In, Mic In. We transferred files to test the Audigy processor’s ability to process data from the FireWire port. For more details, read our earlier article on the Audigy.

WinXP ASIO support for VIA ENVY24 HT-S? – Ars Technica OpenForum

It also has network capacities as amazing as they are attractive. The rack is connected to the card via an internal cable, the same as an IDE layer. Read on, my fellow sound gurus to find out. There are the settings for CD 1 and 2 inputs, front and back Line Ins, pre-amplified phono and mike inputs, digital inputs and the overall volume and Wave sound control.


In the top window are two tabs – EAX and Speakers. The ASIO button is used to set the number of samples per buffer to find the best latency time in Cubase. Creative Labs Gigaworks S 7.

Creative Labs Audigy2 ZS Review – Introduction

Is there anything I’ve neglected to do? It is small, light-weight and doesn’t look half bad either. The main one is the mixer, accessed via the Audio HQ tool. The results obtained with the Audigy Creaative may differ slightly from those of our earlier Platinum eX tests.

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I’ve poked around a little bit and I’ve seen the Envy24 chipset mentioned a few times, so I’m guessing that’s not my problem. The limit was about 70FPS. At 64 buffers, both Envy24 cards are using software emulation, and achieve similar results. The most striking difference with the Audigy is that the Envy 24 is not, strictly speaking, a DSP, but more like the chips on video adapters or the old Aureal Vortex 2s. Check your sampling rate and be a happy Music Creator! The Terratec card is focused on a more “professional” market, and is more expensive because you need the extra hardware in order to take advantage of its full potential.

For DirectSound 2D, the two Envy24 cards provide stiff competition, but ultimately they can’t match the Audigy2 ZS’s hardware support for 64 buffers. Note that the card comes with two jack-to-mini-jack adapters. As SoundFonts are customized, they can integrate anything you want in your MIdI, including your own voice. From the Play Center 3.


This lans the DSP manages 12 mono inputs and 12 mono outputs. But I can tell you it does make a very nice difference over the traditional 5. Test software was as follows: I’m sure that you have already run the Wave Profiler so it seems strange. Note especially the “Input Source” and “Record Source” buttons, which are used to switch easily from one input to another, to decide exactly which input is to be recorded, and from which freative.

The middle section has the mike input and headphone output, both with potentiometers to adjust mike gain and headphone volume. Unreal Tournament Demo. Performance RightMark 3Dsound 1.

Problems with VIA ENVY24 Chipset

And don’t try and find a Sensaura-made chip on the card either, everything is in the software. There is a choice of 2 satellites, 4 satellites and 5.

It is small, light-weight and doesn’t look half bad either. Note that the Audigy Platinum supports EAX Advanced HP, but, apart from engy24 demos supplied by the manufacturer, there was no game to test how efficient it really was in this respect.