I continue my test and succeed in transferring 12 more CF Voltage drop at 4. The voltage situation is just too dangerous. Please refer the attachment. EastGear New Member Sep 13, A table for 2. I have noted that it is able to transfer more than MB before it gets cut off, but I guess this will decrease as the batt gets weaker.

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CompactDrive PD70X

Manual See picture below: Picking up the 5D IV: I did not install the new firmware since I think it does not bring so much security. I purchase mine from Techrific in Australia www. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

So when should I expect my sample CompactDrive to test and review?? Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Buzz New Member Sep 14, Here’s a third-party report: The attached file PDF was full of asian characters; this is what I could make of it: I cross my finger and hope that my current Hitachi 80GN will be strong enough to support the provided voltage.

CompactDrive PD7X – Tarique Sani

Consider a scenario where the unit harddisk performs 2 emergency unload procedure everyday considering you need to transfer 40GB of photos a day to drain out 2 sets of batteries and probably fill up your entire hard driveit will take 10, days before the hard disk fails, that’s 27 years! The Orange operating led blink. It did exactly what it should do.


Excerpt from one of the posts: One of flash card door axles got out from its place. The hard drive will not be damaged. We are currently seeking legal advice from our lawyers and will go all out to protect our trademark and seek damages from entities that choose to spread lies and false information We regret Heard Park decision to abandon their CompactDrive PD7X customers and to simply blame poor businesses on?

Nov 8, 6.

– Canon EOS – CompactDrive

Status Not open for further replies. Nov 13, 0 0 dp7x Ubi Crescent S www. Best ccompactdrive and lenses Could not stop a running backup. What do you use and how does it work for you. The very first PD series that uses 4 pieces of AA have been in existence sinceuntil now, after thousands of units in the market, no pd7d has a corrupted hard disk as a result of unregulated battery voltage.

The HardDrive activity is stopped so batteries are not used so much in this standby situation… Perhaps they could have switch off the LCD display as the leds also give you this information. I’m quite sure he will bring the drive back to Eastgear. But I think multimedia devices are going to be much cheaper in very near future and, in addition, their performance must be improved drastically.


You can find the following at an Official CompactDrive site http: I used the compactdrive to charge up my Sanyo The manufacturer has always listened to end users feedback and kept in close contact with our distributors. In fact, the CompactDrive is one of the most reliable portable storage device in the market.

Looks like exactly what I wanted.

No problem with Sanyo mA though. Do you have any info on this? Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. From the spec it looks like this product is what I have been looking for