This Lego model is the only Leica camera most of us can afford Classic camera collectors can now build their own Leica models using Lego kits. Things just seem out of order sometimes. You do pay one price for the extraordinary macro capability: Recording features are also rich and include one-shot, continuous, in-camera panorama and sec movies, timer, macro, landscape, night scene and portrait modes. I really like the wired remote control, it controls most major functions of the camera and is highly useful when shooting macros or viewing slideshow playbacks on the TV set. You also have control over image sharpness, color saturation and image contrast through the Record Details menu.

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The QV’s remote is also unusual in the degree of qv-80000sx it gives you over the camera: Casio claims that you can get as close as 1cm! I wouldn’t leave those out!

The camera displays the current status of the memory buffer temporary image storage as you shoot and it processes, via a set five small circles in the LCD viewfinder. The four different card browser formats let you choose how much information is recorded with each image a very detailed chart in the manual explains the settings. Note that “protected” images will fasio be deleted if the memory card is reformatted. Of course along with a big LCD comes a proportional power drain.


The movies came out very ccasio

QV-8000SX Manual

The PhotoLoader software is responsible for downloading images and movies from the camera onto your computer. When it’s time to view casioo photos, casoo easy enough. Here’s a more detailed description of the QVSX’s exposure options: What’s in the Box.

Plus, its compact shape and light weight make it a portable option for those of you on the go. You can really quickly go back and forth between these two operational modes with a flick of your thumb.

Casio QVSX – digital camera Overview – CNET

It has no qv-8000sz viewfinder so be sure to carry an extra set of charged NiMH batteries with you at all times. I don’t know what the designers were thinking when they came up with a 8X telephoto obviously for outdoor use and a LCD viewfinder obviously for indoor use. It biases the camera to use wider apertures, producing shallower depth of field.

In fact, that’s what I did this time for the gallery. Very neat feature, for time-lapse photography!

Provided the set has a separate “raw video” input. As for the optical viewfinder IR remote control, USB cable, hand strap, lens cap, video cable. The Past Movie mode is really mind-boggling for people who haven’t seen anything like it before. Finally, the bottom of the camera holds the plastic tripod mount, locking battery compartment and CompactFlash slot.


As noted, color was very good, with clean primaries, good handling of pastels and decent saturation. Pressing the Menu button in this mode calls up a series of menus.

Casio QV-8000SX (1999)

This is a mm mm 35mm equiv F3. Optical System Image Stabilizer. The lack of an optical viewfinder also makes it more difficult to take advantage of the astonishing low-light capability of the QV, since the live LCD viewfinder display only requires a moderate qv-8000ssx of light to work.

The default set, providing a somewhat simpler interface, but more qv8-000sx functions, and the “Details” version, which gives access to the camera’s more advanced features. USB and serial connections. The table below shows the power consumption figures we measured in various operating modes, via the external power connector.

Picking a manual setting for aperture, but leaving the shutter option set to auto results in “aperture priority” metering. Send them to jakeller pair. But no Nikon or Agfa digicam has ever been mated to an 8X optical zoom lens! There’s also a very handy grid function that can be turned on or off, helping you line up shots.