Those things are killers for my way of taking pictures. Jens Evensen It is always a good ide to test the camera before you buy it.. Canon also unveiled a MacBook-like “multifunction touch bar” that you can program for different settings like ISO, shutter speed, autofocus and more. Let’s see how well the EOS R stands up. I enjoy gear and gadgets; I enjoy using them, I enjoy the reviews whether I agree or not, I enjoy the conversation and debate. The EOS R can take some great photos, but is broadly overshadowed by the competition and struggles to stand out in today’s crowded market. Yes it’s possible to increase DR and reduce noise by merging bracketed exposures, but it’s a third rate workaround, only suitable when both the subject and camera are completely static.

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Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up

Sony A7III body Body Only, Base In stock. Some of the Leica lower end cameras are more expensive than a Sony a And if anything, the professional base is smaller than ever. Forgive the criticism, which is not intended to be personal, but it’s pointless to come out with one-liners caanon as “Great Review” or “Lousy Review” unless you actually say something constructive, i.

Chris and Jordan find the Canon EOS R to be a promising camera in some regards, but not without its share of shortcomings.

Canon EOS R review

Submit a News Tip! Sony’s menu system even made the “liked” list in the A7III review! FF sales globally are dominated but Canikon. The viewfinder is gorgeous, the AF super accurate with all my EF lenses and image quality, even at very 201 iso’s, is good enough.


They sell their A body with two lenses and a bag for a dramatically reduced price. If they want to hand out bronze, silver, gold, etc Spec are meh, I know I shoot a D Jay Thomas N, that Fv function together with auto, auto all function is the best manual control i ever used I shoot nikon, but totally get why my contemporaries shoot canon.

We do this to make sure our readers have the latest information and expertise about new products. That makes it less useful for vloggers, as you’ll need a wider-than-normal lens to shoot yourself and others from up close. There are quite a few pro’s out there who have used this camera extensively who love it.

You can see the correct rank number in the screen shot. You can bet that pro buyers were contributors to those Sony sales, absolutely. So where are the “loyal base highly invested in lenses?

With all the money I saved, I can put it towards more lenses in the future. If you read my other threads in this comment section you would also be aware that I have strongly criticised the ergonomics of the EOS-R, which I personally find to be significantly inferior to those of Canon’s DSLRs.

And as canon keeps dropping the ball on 4k, fps, focus, etc, and the lenses don’t really offer a good value for costumers, the disappointment will take cwnon more users away from canon. Much like Nikon’s Z-Mountit has a large diameter with a short flange distance that allows for fast, sharp and compact lens designs.


Canon EOS R – Wikipedia

From around the web. Best cameras and lenses The new RF focuses blazingly fast and silent. But I never found it to be an issue. The reality is that most users are not really as fanatically loyal to a camera brand as some people here seem to think they are.

Strolic Cnaon I have used the camera yesterday, yes the R is not 90 but not even 79, I am starting to guess which camera have you really tested. Caon you might want to check out: Thanks for your balanced answer.

Clayton, lol I guess you understand where Sony is heading now. Yet most reviewers ignore or gloss over reliability, because they can’t measure that in a span of 20118 few days or weeks. It actually took Nikon making a non ISO invariant camera to knock some sense into their heads.

JoFa Wow, you give conjugal faith to your camera.