If the cassette feeder has two levels, or four levels or more, a control malfunction will occur in the main unit. Work details 6 While holding the knob, slowly pull the tape out. YES Explain to the user that each cassette can hold a maximum of sheets of paper. YES Clean the inlet guide. This will display the 2 MENU screen. Is the trouble resolved when the multifeeder pick-up solenoid SL is replaced?

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When an error occurs during output, return to action a. Check from Item 7. Faulty adjustment of leading edge margin DC controller PCB 6 Is the trouble resolved when the leading margin adjustment procedures described on page are performed? When this occurs, please change the lithium battery.

Select Your Operating System, download zipped files, and then proceed to manually install them.

Canon Gp160 Pcl6 Driver Download

I wil keep coming back for sure. There are two service-use print patterns.

As shown in Figuredo not hold the cartridge vertically or upside down. The power cord should not be disconnected at night. Is the trouble resolved when the registration clutch CL is replaced?

NO Connect it properly. Push Paper lifting plate 3 Turn the front paper width guide knob to remove the lock, move the guide to match the desired paper width, and turn the knob again to lock it. If toner gets onto skin or clothes, wipe off as thoroughly as possible with a dry tissue, then wash.


The DC bias, which is output from the DC drive unit, is detected by the DC voltage sensor circuit, and is fed back to the DC drive circuit via the comparison circuit. Further, the mechanical pick-up mechanism and the paper size selector mechanism of the cassette feeder perform in the same way as those of the main unit. Leading edge margin Is Canon recommended paper being used?

Divide the document and print on the following page. Image processor PCB replacement procedures The procedures which must be performed when replacing the image processor PCB are described below. When printing failure can be resolved by use of the recommended 6 which is stored in a proper environment, advise that the user use the recommended caon or instruct the user in storage methods for recording paper.

YES Replace the torque limiter. NO Replace the faulty sensor.

The lithium battery BAT2 backs up the aband c types of data stored in the control memory, while the vanadium lithium secondary battery BAT2 backs up the data d stored in the image memory. Canon Gp Pcl5e now has caonn special edition for these Windows versions: Is the toner being developed on the drum surface?

Should these batteries be put in a fire, an explosion or very intense fire may occur.

Check the transfer charging roller and the high voltage contact point. Bit0 gl160 1 0 1 Bit1 0 1 1 0 Standard paper size classification AB series INCH series A series By setting this switch, the document paper size display and setting, and automatic identification, etc.


If any are worn, replace which the displacement occurs northem. The test mode items are divided into 8 blocks.

Canon GP Drivers for Windows 7 64 bit

Overview The unit is equipped with 4 jam sensors to detect the condition of the paper feeding. There is variation in the photosensitivity of the individual CCD pixels. Check the cartridge If the surface of the photosensitive drum is scratched, replace the cartridge. Connects to information services that accept tone dialing only, even if you are using a rotary pulse line or enters a plus sign in a fax number. Detects the feeding condition of paper picked-up from the cassette while it is in the vertical path assembly.

Accordingly, when only one cassette feeder level is attached, the structure will be like the figure above with the bottom two levels removed. Therefore the main motor is forced to rotate causing the sheet to be delivered out of the machine.